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🌻 Seasons change...and so do we!

What are your plans for this new season?


Happy Spring! I once heard a NikkiChe quote that said, "Seasons change, and so do we." This is the title of one of her books, and I wholeheartedly agree. Humans are built to evolve. We were wonderfully made to blossom as a result of our experiences and knowledge. Therefore, we have the choice of learning new things every day and seeking enriching experiences that will help us grow into the people we want to be, or we can do the opposite. There's a Spanish proverb that goes, "Renovarse o morir" which translates as "renew or perish." This is my guiding philosophy, particularly working in technology. As a professional dedicated to assisting the community members to seize better opportunities in tech, it's my responsibility to prune and revitalize my knowledge to ensure relevant communications. I have to keep current on social media trends, tech movements, and learning opportunities in my field, and I exhort you to do the same. In fact, every time I give a public speech, I conclude with the following advice: Make a commitment to yourself to take at least one new course each year. It's fantastic if you can do more than one! But, at the very least, enroll in one new course and learn new skills to set yourself apart from the crowd. At Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ), we provide a series of cohort-based courses, orientation, mentorship, and resources to assist you in obtaining the necessary credentials to consider a new career and a higher salary in technology. Let's use this new season to acquire a new skill and grow into a new techie. You don't have to do it alone; the good news is that we're here to help! Paty Sesma, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AUTMHQ

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Underrepresented in tech, Latinas are using TikTok to help others navigate the industry

By Edwin Flores “At the end of the day, we’re all breaking glass ceilings, we’re all carving our own path,” said Gina Moreno, who works at Microsoft as a program manager.

When Maribel Campos was 11, she was living in her parents' trailer home in Sonoma, Calif. She recalled wanting her own iPod, but her parents, who were working multiple jobs to make ends meet, couldn't afford one.

Campos, now 24, not only owns an iPod, but she also works at Apple TV Plus — a full-circle moment for her, she said."Never in a million years would I think that I would be working" on an Apple product or service, Campos, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, said. [...] Now, Campos, along with other Latinas, are taking to TikTok to help others in their community navigate the tech world — by sharing their experiences, dispelling misconceptions and offering advice.


Here are the top tech certifications across fields like cloud and cybersecurity to land a job at Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, and more!

The technology sector needs fresh blood.

In the first two months of 2022, employment in the industry increased by more than 20,000 positions, according to an analysis by training firm CompTIA. And that recent growth is only a portion of the 15-month streak of consecutive employment growth in the sector.

Companies have been frantically searching for qualified candidates to hire, frequently paying six figures or more to reel in top talent. To stand out in the process, recruiters and other industry insiders are recommending workers pursue certifications — a standards-driven way for candidates to show that they're proficient in the skills needed to thrive in a career in programming or IT.


Quick Tips for Candidates relocating from one Tech Job to another

Our digital world is still evolving. As a result, there is a wide range of IT professional options. The trend is anticipated to not go away anytime soon. Jobs in computer and information technology are expected to rise at a faster-than-average rate during this decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It goes without saying that this is an excellent moment to be an IT professional.

This isn’t to say that your ideal tech career will appear out of nowhere. To interact with the businesses or initiatives, you wish to contribute to, you may need to relocate to a different city. One of the most difficult recruiting difficulties today is finding and hiring appropriate job prospects, particularly in the field of technology. Recruiters and HR experts in companies all across the world are having difficulty filling IT positions. Fortunately, there are a variety of successful methods for approaching tech talents. We’ll go through a few of the considerations you should make while migrating for a tech career.


👩‍🏫 How to get into tech as a teacher

Written by Genevieve Carlton, Contributing Writer

Transferable skills from teaching to tech

Teachers are exceptional communicators who know how to design lesson plans covering complex subjects. Education requires interpersonal and organizational abilities. And teachers also bring strong assessment, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Computer science careers and tech companies benefit from these people skills.

Technical roles for teachers in tech

What technical roles can teachers pursue? In addition to many types of coding jobs, educators' backgrounds and skills may make the following technical roles a good fit.


AUTMHQ is looking for the best Event Manager!

Join the Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) team! If you are passionate about our mission and you want to contribute to the work we do as an event manager, please visit our careers page to review the position and submit your application as soon as possible!


EWTG March 2022 Virtual Luncheon Course (Broadband Initiatives Part 2)

Thank you to those of you who joined the 3/17/22 EWTG virtual part 1 on broadband funding in Texas.

We welcome you to join us on Thursday, March 24th, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for part 2 of our virtual series. We will feature:

- Rural and urban innovators - Diane Connery from Pottsboro library's telehealth program and hometown favorite John Speirs now with Harris County, in conversation with Candelaria Mendoza, who is now the Digital Inclusion Administrator from City of San Antonio.

- Broadband economics 101 - making the 'business and social case' for broadband - by Jordana Barton, formerly with the Federal Reserve Bank and Texas Methodist.

- Three of the 170 ISPs, share their most innovative project & new affordability facts for municipalities and nonprofits. Ed Serna from Charter, John-Michael Cortez from Google Fiber, and Dr. Iris Garner from T-Mobile will present.


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