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👏 ReThink Austin 2022 was a HUGE success!

If you were a part of it, you were really lucky!

RETHINK AUSTIN 2022 Hola and Hello, Paty!

We can't thank you all enough for your support for our ReThink Austin 2022 event! The success was huge, and as I always say, "a successful event is measured by the number of people inquiring when the next one will be held," and for those who have been asking, stay tuned! The panel's discussions and speakers had a substantial and beneficial impact on our audience. Deepika Sangam, Ph. D., NASA EPDC Education Specialist at Texas State University, spoke on how space technology drives exploration. She discussed anticipated NASA milestones and the importance that a diverse workforce may offer to space technology exploration. You can watch more here: Waziri Garuba, CEO of Harlem Labs, presented us to Ellen Bailey, VP of Diversity and Culture at Harvard Business Publishing, a proud sponsor of ReThink Austin 2022. She talked about how important it is to set ourselves up for success and to have a personal board of directors. She described a personal board as a group of people who can actually help you get where you want to go. Check out more details about this practice here: We also witnessed a fantastic discussion about NFTs with surgeon Chuma Chike Obi, "Chaka" Mahone, and artist Chris Tobar, in which we learned what non-fungible tokens are and how important it is to start learning about this subject. We were encouraged to find our own voices and to take the risk of putting our true work out there. You may listen to the entire talk by clicking here: Michael Ward Jr., President and CEO of Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ), hosted an interactive tech showcase with William Brown, who demonstrated InterApp, a tool that turns photos into an amazing augmented reality experience; then, Destin Bell discussed gaming and the Cardiii.o app he's developing. Quest Moffat, the inventor, and architect of the Kadogo app explained the purpose of this software, which allows your purchases to be donated to charity. Last but not least, Leon Vanstone from Robotters brought a highly engaging and fun robot sample that can be operated from the Internet! Watch these showcases here: The Culture Crawl ATX podcast, presented by Michael Ward Jr and Donald Scott II, which is intended to foster togetherness, invited Destin Bell, a motivated entrepreneur and Michael Odokara-Okigbo, founder of NKENNE, the first African Language Learning App on the market, to join the stage to describe what gaming and gamification are as well as the influence these have on STEM. Watch the live broadcast here: GRAMMY Award-nominated artist SaulPaul graced us with his presence and deliver an inspirational speech. He shared a bit of his personal life experience as well as the lessons he learned through hardship and overcoming challenges since he was a child. If you want to watch his performance at ReThink Austin 2022, follow this link: The Phenomenal Women panel, which I moderated, provided an excellent opportunity to share the stories of accomplished women in technology. We had a really fascinating and informative conversation about the challenges that women face in the workplace or as entrepreneurs. We talked about Impostor Syndrome and, of course, the significant achievements of our panelists, Taisha Dotson, Melinda Garvey, Muna Hussaini, and Mercedes Ballard. This uplifting discussion may be found at this link: Enjoy! Paty Sesma, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AUTMHQ


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