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💛❤️💚🖤 Juneteenth reflection

Let's become sensitive and make changes!

AUTMHQ UPDATES Hola and Hello!

Last Sunday, June 19th, we celebrated Juneteenth, or freedom day! This is a moment to reflect and celebrate; to be introspective and plan true self-improvement for the future. People from all over the nation are coming together to remember a time in our history that continues to have an impact on our society today.

Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) commemorates this day throughout the year, as our mission is to help the Black and Hispanic communities prepare and earn credentials to enter and thrive in the tech industry, with the ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient and having a life of freedom in all aspects with a better income that will change their lives.

In order for us to fulfill this mission, we require the help of the community, and you can get involved with AUTMHQ by volunteering, mentoring, donating, signing the Texas Technology for All petition, and more. Only by becoming sensitive to others' experiences, we will be able to achieve major long-term changes in our community. Be the movement! Paty Sesma Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AUTMHQ


Helene Gayle: ‘Reparations’ is another word for investing in America’s future

By Helene Gayle, Chicago Tribune The new Juneteenth federal holiday celebrates the emancipation of enslaved people in our nation. That did not, however, emancipate Black people from the economic impact of their enslavement. Emancipation was followed by a failed Reconstruction, a century of Jim Crow, separate-but-(not)-equal, institutional racism and discrimination — the consequences of which continue to this day.

When it comes to compensating those who are suffering the economic consequences of slavery, many people are put off by the term “reparations.” Many think that slavery is a distant reality and enough time has passed that redressing it is no longer necessary or relevant. Reparations are also thought of as a handout, which is counter to the American pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps ethos.

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Texas Broadband Plan:

Dear Texans,

U.S. Census Bureau data indicate almost 2.8 million Texas households and 7 million people lack broadband access. Twenty-three percent of Texans are unable to attend online classes, see a healthcare provider from their living room, fill out a job application online, start a business or access online marketplaces from their kitchen table. These barriers negatively affect Texans’ quality of life and limit economic opportunities for people and the state overall.

According to a 2016 Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas report, this problem disproportionately affects rural communities, communities of color, and low-income families. Since that report’s publication, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology for some but expanded the digital divide for others. The digital divide refers to the gap between those with broadband access and those without, whether caused by a lack of infrastructure, digital literacy, affordable service, or access to devices.

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We are being heard! Please sign the petition!

If you support reliable and high-speed internet access for all Texans for economic growth, the development of technology skills, and access to education, please consider signing this petition.

Individuals and families needing access to technology or interested in training and development to enter the tech industry can complete a needs assessment via

Please email Austin Urban Technology Movement at if you would like to support our efforts.

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Building a Plan, Listening to Texans

YouTube: txcomptroller

To guide the strategic vision of Texas’ new Broadband Development Office, Comptroller Glenn Hegar toured 12 communities to get Texans’ insights about internet access and collect input to develop the state’s first broadband plan.

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Make your mark on Austin.

For nearly a decade, See Us Give has inspired more than 2,500 Central Texans to live their life more generously! Through engaging conversations on meaningful topics, guests learn how to make the most of their philanthropic dollars (whether that's $50 or $50,000), maximize their impact, and inspire others to join them on their journey toward generosity.

Virtual: Join us virtually for an inspirational interview with one of our community’s philanthropic leaders and breakout sessions with fellow attendees. We'll deliver a custom cocktail kit straight to your door and discount codes to several local restaurants.

We can't wait to celebrate See Us Give with you and toast to local generosity (virtually or in person!).

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