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🤝 Let's do some networking!

Do you know the importance of attending events?


Hola and Hello, Paty!

Today I'd want to address the importance of networking and attending AUTMHQ events. Did you know that among all the advantages of networking is the ability to strengthen your interpersonal skills, increase your visibility, advance your career, gain access to job prospects, expand your knowledge, gain confidence, gain a new perspective, cultivate long-lasting connections, get answers to questions, get career advice and assistance, and potentially, find a position that you'd enjoy? AUTMHQ events allow you to develop long-term relationships as well as a positive reputation over time. It involves meeting and getting to know people that you could help as you learn, and who may be able to help you in return. When you attend our events, you'll have the opportunity to meet new colleagues, therefore, plan ahead and have a few relevant points of discussion in mind. These topics do not have to be only about work; they can be about hobbies or common interests. The goal is to get the dialogue started and hopefully schedule future meetups and conversations. Keep up to date on the coolest events in Austin, Texas by subscribing to our newsletter so we can update you directly in your inbox! Paty Sesma Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AUTMHQ

👇 Check out some recent events by AUTMHQ!

BCinColor is BigCommerce's newest global employee resource group for people of color and allies. Its mission is to create and sustain a brave environment for people of color and their allies within the BigCommerce community that will support the recruitment, retention, and professional advancement of ethnically diverse employees at all levels.

About the speakers:

Phil Martinez is a Data Specialist, Account Development Representative, BCinColor Member, FunOps Committee Leader, Sustainability Ambassador, Hospitality Manager, and Gamer. Brittany Bygrave is a Sales Development Representative, BCinColor Member, and Beauty Entrepreneur.

Stenio Ferreira discussed what it means to be a Customer Engineer at Google. He is currently working with the two leading Big Tech hardware manufacturers in the United States to locate the sweet spot between Edge/On-Premise and Cloud.

About Horizons by AUTMHQ

Horizons by AUTMHQ events are designed to highlight numerous pathways into the tech industry. Prepare to participate in these conversations by engaging, interacting, and contributing to them.

Felipe Sanches is a Sr. Business and Data Analyst, who shared how ZeroCater uses data to innovate how employees eat. This is a pathway you might want to consider if you really want to make an impact on your own.

About Day in the Life by AUTMHQ

The purpose of Day In The Life is to engage in a transparent discussion with employees about the various occupations in the tech industry.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to position your career story in a compelling way, improve your online presence, and build a solid network. Plus, you’ll learn how to answer the common interview question “tell me about yourself” to make a strong first impression in your interviews.

About Vicky Sepulveda

Vicky Sepulveda has dedicated herself to helping underrepresented small business owners navigate the online world. Vicky is a Google Digital Business Coach. She is also the Senior Director of Small Business and International Initiatives at the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


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