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We're set to start the second half of 2022!


📆 Tomorrow! Come join us at Horizons by AUTMHQ with BigCommerce!

You will meet Phil Martinez and Brittany Bygrave who are members of BCinColor at BigCommerce. They will be sharing exciting facts about their unique tech career experiences and the best part can ask all the questions you want! BCinColor is BigCommerce's newest global employee resource group for people of color and allies. Its mission is to create and sustain a brave environment for people of color and their allies within the BigCommerce community that will support the recruitment, retention, and professional advancement of ethnically diverse employees at all levels.

About Horizons by AUTMHQ Horizons by AUTMHQ events are designed to highlight numerous pathways into the tech industry. Prepare to participate in the conversation by engaging in it, interacting with it, and contributing to it.


United Way awards grants to 68 nonprofits

Keiarra Ortiz-Cedeno was feeling very stuck. She had left her job during the COVID-19 pandemic, started her own business, and "failed miserably" she said. Then she got help from AUTMHQ, a nonprofit that provided classes certifying her as a project manager.


Workforce Solutions program helps Austinites land higher-paying jobs

Workforce leaders are launching the Hire Local program to assist more Austin residents in obtaining higher-paying jobs. You can get free training through the program.


Dialogue is ‘not enough’ to get more women into tech

The tech industry has grappled with a diversity problem for years, with little progress to show for it. For one tech CEO, the only way forward for the industry is clear.

ATX NEWS Connected Social Care

Our tailored solutions and customer-branded platforms are built on find help, America’s leading social care network, which features more than 300,000 human-verified programs that provide help to millions of people across the country.


New scholarships aim to address the local hiring gap

Local officials announced a new plan Tuesday to address Central Texas' rapid growth, which has widened the gap in the number of available jobs and the workers qualified to fill them.


A one-day virtual course for nonprofit projects

If you are ready to more effectively plan and manage your projects, join us for a virtual full day of hands-on project management training, designed especially for nonprofit leaders!


Join a historical overview of racial inequities in Austin

This session provides a historical perspective to illustrate how structural and systemic racism are infused across our society and how those inequities are perpetuated today.


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