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AUTM News is Good News! 💙

AUTMites are the individuals who are changing their lives by contributing their talents and skills to build a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.

What is it like to be an AUTMite?

👋 AUTMites are the individuals who are changing their lives, their family lives, and the lives of partners, organizations, corporations, and the Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM)'s team by contributing with their talents and skills to a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.

We want to know your thoughts!

Workforce Solutions Capital Area, a proud partner of AUTM, understands some severe shortage occupations in the tech industry. Therefore, they have created a survey linked below that asks specific questions based on challenges companies may face in finding qualified talent in our region. This analysis allows WFS to better understand the labor market exchange to guide investment into local talent pipelines and workforce program funds for training or our region’s highest-growth occupations. See last year's highest growth occupations found here.

By completing and sharing this 5-minute survey, your feedback will help support occupational training in occupations that are projected to have the highest growth and highest wages for job seekers in our region.

If you have any questions or comments about this survey, please contact Jessica Garay, Data and Career Awareness Project Coordinator: The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, September 10th.

DRC - Blog: DEI Leaders Connect Discusses Hispanic Heritage And Changing Workforce Trends

Marty Martinez, who serves as the CEO/Founder of Social Revolt Agency and the Hispanic Star Ambassador for Dallas, shared his experience growing up in a racially segregated Dallas. He recounted the challenges of not seeing positive Hispanic images reflected in his community. Marty walked the group through the Hispanic Heritage Month toolkit and underscored the importance of organizations promoting Hispanic leaders.

Women's Equality Day: Committed to making the workplace more inclusive

Six tech leaders share advice for making companies more equitable for women. What do women want out of their careers? To be paid fairly and equally is a start. But for the six leaders, it’s not about titles or responsibilities. Instead, these women share the desire to be challenged, heard, and supported in their professional growth.

Tacos n' Tech Talk: Innovation in Brampton

Tech leaders who are weighing their options for expansion, going public, and nearshoring should not miss out on this special Tacos n' Tech Talk with economic development leaders from our neighbors to the north, in Brampton, Ontario.

This is a knowledge-sharing event where you will not only learn about what Brampton, Ontario has to offer but where you can discuss your needs and wants as you scale your company beyond Austin, TX.

Thank you for being part of the AUTM movement!

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