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🎄 12 Days of AUTM is here! 🎁

Check out our calendar of events and be part of 12 Days of AUTM!

AUTMHQ UPDATES Hola and Hello! Our 12 Days of AUTM by AUTMHQ 2021 edition has begun! We have twelve fantastic events planned from December 6th to the 17th to help everyone learn more about our 2021 wins, our plans for the new year, and, most importantly, to engage with us during the holidays. Check out the complete event calendar and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date. On a different, yet super exciting note, the workforce development program department at AUTMHQ has three new volunteers who are eager to get started and ready to help us strengthen our mission. This means a lot to us because it expands AUTM's reach and allows us to take on more activities and responsibilities that impact the work we do in our community. The biggest win this week, however, is that we finally got our new office space, and we couldn't be happier! Our new office is at 6633 E Hwy 290, Suite 212, Austin, TX 78723. Come say hello and take a selfie in front of our "I am the movement" mural.

Paty Sesma Vice President of Marketing and Communications


12 Days of AUTM by AUTMHQ has started!

🎄🎁 On the 12 Days of AUTM my good friends brought to me... Check out our list of events and join us!

👉 AUTM Events


ReThink Austin 2021 Community Impact: More than an Entrepreneur

Saturday, December 11, 2021, at 1pm CST

Meet Dayron Bowers, CEO of, Kristin Bonds, Founder of, and Paty Sesma, Founder of Places by Paty Sesma, and learn about their entrepreneurial journeys and how they found purpose in using their careers to help others. In this session, we'll connect our communities to today's and tomorrow's opportunities. We will rethink and discuss opportunities to become an entrepreneur and be successful by achieving your company's purpose. Join your fellow attendees in our Breakout Rooms after the Livestream. You will be able to network and discuss strategies for capitalizing on these opportunities.


Multiplying Goodness in Austin

By Michael Dell CEO and Chairman at Dell Technologies

Today, Susan and I have committed a $38 million match toward combating homelessness in Austin. Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ (MLF) Community First! Village will receive $36.6 million toward their Multiplying Goodness capital campaign, adding 1,400 homes for Central Texans coming out of chronic homelessness. Another $1 million of matching funds will go to Foundation Communities for the construction of 100 units on the Burleson property at Community First! Village and $400,000 to LifeWorks for permanent housing for youth exiting homelessness.

Austin is home for Susan and me. We raised our four children here, and we are incredibly invested in the success of this community. While the mission of our family foundation is to transform the lives of children living in urban poverty, MLF has successfully been caring for adults experiencing homelessness since 1998.

Since 2015, Community First! Village has become a nationally recognized model for addressing chronic homelessness. The program serves Central Texans without homes by providing low-cost, permanent housing, robust support services, and a strong community to create a sense of belonging. ________________________ The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation is a proud partner of AUTMHQ.


Tech apprenticeships may just be the future of workforce development

On-the-job learning programs are on the brink of becoming a major pathway to tech careers in Delaware and beyond. Here's how they benefit aspiring technologists and the companies training them alike — and when it could be time to launch such a program at your own workplace.

Long before “workforce development” was a term, there were apprenticeships. The origins of these on-the-job learning positions go back at least as far as the Middle Ages in the UK, and almost certainly much further than that if given some other branding. Before college became the status quo track for white-collar jobs, people became lawyers through apprenticeships, not law school (people like Abraham Lincoln).

Over the years, apprenticeships became synonymous with the trades, a pathway to careers in manufacturing, electrical work, plumbing, and construction. In many ways, it still is: Apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs for adults capture a large amount of investment for these trades in Delaware, including CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund funding.

________________________ ↪ Here you can find AUTMHQ's apprenticeship program to start your tech career.


Mid-career tech workers are driving the Great Resignation

If company leaders aren’t paying attention, you may still lose more prized employees. The Great Resignation is becoming the Great Mismatch and a game of musical chairs.

After 18 months of remote work, her current company announced their post-Labor Day plans: a required three days a week in office. She lives in a city neighborhood she loves and loathes the idea of returning to the arduous reverse commute she had before the pandemic. She’s speeding her search for a distributed company with work that aligns with her values.

When she does, the opening she creates will contribute to a massive hole. In July, the U.S. economy had nearly 11 million job openings — the highest number on record. Another four million people quit their jobs, which was an even higher total than earlier this year when a high quit rate was coined as the Great Resignation. Millions of Americans are changing jobs into new roles and even careers into new industries. More to the point, the people who are most driving the Great Resignation are mid-career tech pros aged 30 to 45. Yes, this is still happening.


Women, Blacks, and Hispanics Find Uptick in New Jobs Through Coursera’s Upskilling, Degree Programs

While we were worried about the virus outbreak, the world changed. It felt like businesses, work and personal lives transformed overnight and pushed us hard into the future. We are now in a fast-moving, digital and innovative online world.

For many people, this is exhilarating. New jobs and careers have been created. Entrepreneurs started companies at record rates. Lives are made easier with app-based food deliveries, online shopping, creative and mundane tasks taken care of and almost all our needs answered via technology platforms. ________________________ ↪ AUTMHQ can help you enhance your skills and train for a new career in as little as 6 weeks!


New ViacomCBS Report Shows Improved Diversity in Management Ranks

NEW YORK—As part of ViacomCBS’s efforts to improve the diversity of its workplace and the content it delivers to the public, the company has issued its second Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) report. The report presented some welcome transparency in terms of data about the diversity of its workforce and highlighted a host of initiatives to make its workforce and programming more diverse and inclusive.

“In our resolve to advance diversity, equity and inclusion globally, we are guided by certainty of purpose and clarity of vision. We know there is more work ahead of us, but we are committed to this shared journey and pleased to share this snapshot of our work,” explained Marva Smalls, executive vice president, global head of inclusion, ViacomCBS and executive vice president, public affairs, Kids & Family Entertainment Brands, at ViacomCBS Media Networks.


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