The AUTMHQ team is comprised of incredibly talented people with extraordinary life stories and professional backgrounds who will inspire you to support and follow the work we do.


Keiarra Ortiz-Cedeno

Keiarra Ortiz-Cedeno is part of the Workforce Development Coordinator team at AUTMHQ. She helps to guide AUTMites through the discovery-to-hire process by meeting them where they are at (getting a computer, wifi, and information) and guiding them to where they want to be. 

Prior to working at AUTMHQ, she founded her own startup and worked in corporate tech as a product manager. 

A strong believer in personal and professional growth, Keiarra is always looking for ways to improve systems and cultures. She is objective-oriented, with an affiliative leadership style. 

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I'm an Austinite born and raised. I've worked in the healthcare and technical field all of my life.

I'm impassioned by providing help and support to those that are underserved. I love getting involved with my community and raising awareness for the needs and hopes of others. I have an 8-year-old son, named Ryan whom I love doing outdoor and nature-based activities.

Some of my hobbies and gardening and getting out on the trails of Texas. I joined the AUTMHQ team to really make an impact in the lives of all the people we interact with, a serve a bigger purpose. 


Mia White

Mia White works as a Digital Media Specialist with AUTMHQ. She is also an AUTMite herself, pursuing her studies in Cybersecurity with the hopes of concentrating on PCI compliance. She completed some college studies at Ashford University for a degree in Business Information Systems but had to withdraw due to difficulties in covering the costs of completing the program.


Mia’s goals are to continue finishing up her Cybersecurity program with AUTMHQ, as well as build her social media and marketing skills as AUTMHQ’s Digital Media Specialist. Mia’s hopes are to continue to share her experiences to date with AUTMHQ, with the understanding that her story can be the beacon call to those who are interested in acquiring the necessary skills to attain a career in the Technology field. Mia also wants to show others that completing this program without having to obtain a four-year college degree is possible, through hard work and persistence.


Mia resides in Austin, Texas but was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. From there, she resided in the Atlanta, Georgia area for twenty years. Mia currently works as a Claims Representative handling workers’ compensation claims for the University of Texas System. She holds an Associate in Claims insurance designation from The Institutes in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Mia is a member of the Austin Lions Club, which is a local chapter of the Lions Club International. The Austin Lions Club spearheads various volunteering projects throughout the city, with their focus on completing volunteer work for Keating Middle School, the first junior high school for Black students in Austin, Texas.


Marquita Fagan

Marquita Fagan is an Administrative Professional with over ten years of experience working alongside the executive teams. She specializes in organizational administration and is responsible for carrying out managing multiple tasks while managing various calendars, scheduling appointments, and keeping the office running efficiently. Marquita is a strong force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.


Marquita is a native Austinite who has enjoyed growing up in the city and witnessing its development. She has also witnessed firsthand how the tech industry has impacted the city as her father worked in Industrial and Manufacturing for 3M when she was a child.


Marquita treasures sending quality time with her two children, who greatly inspired her daily, as well as her family and friends. In her free time, Marquita likes to listen to music, take walks to enjoy nature, binge-watching series on Netflix, and travel.