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⏰ We have the most exciting announcement!

Are we ready to start the countdown?

AUTMHQ UPDATES Hola and Hello!

I'm going to start this letter by revealing a little secret about myself that only Clifford Dukes, our COO, is aware of: I'm a Christmas addict.🎄🎅 I listen to Christmas music all year and often watch Christmas movies even during the Spring. So imagine my joy at being able to announce today the official countdown to 12 Days of AUTMHQ! Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) is proudly hosting this event for the third time. 12 Days of AUTMHQ is an opportunity to gather with our community, with our AUTMites, volunteers, partners, and staff, and not only learn about the accomplishments and goals we have reached and plan to achieve, but also to share fantastic moments and have a lot of fun! Furthermore, now is an excellent time to reflect on our accomplishments and future plans. Through 12 Days of AUTMHQ you'll be able to learn about all of the opportunities that AUTMHQ offers to help you pursue a career in tech and significantly increase your salary. This is real! Read some of our AUTMites' stories about how working with us has changed their lives. So, get ready to meet our team, volunteers, and partners, and most importantly, to have a wonderful Holiday season with AUTMHQ! Paty Sesma VP of MarCom at AUTMHQ


📆 We are hosting a new Horizons by AUTMHQ with Dropbox!

Join Dropbox members Tenika Small and Abraham Velazquez as they share their unique career stories and how they achieved success in their respective fields. During this time, our guest speakers will discuss what it's like to be a Director and Head of Product Communications at Dropbox, as well as a Senior Engineering Manager and Business Area Lead in such a great company!

About Horizons by AUTMHQ The Horizons by AUTMHQ events are designed to highlight numerous pathways into the tech industry. Prepare to participate in the conversation by engaging in it, interacting with it, and contributing to it.

Our guests spend some time with us to discuss what it means to be successful in their careers, drawing on their own experiences in the tech industry. These stories are relatable and can help you in matching your interests to the many opportunities available in the tech industry.


Meet with Michael Ward Jr. at the Austin Tech Roundtable: Upskilling Your Workforce

At this Austin Tech Roundtable event, we will welcome Michael Ward Jr., President and CEO of AUTMHQ, to share his experience of working with employers to train and hire marginalized members of the workforce, so they can thrive within the tech industry.

In this discussion, we'll explore: 1. Becoming an Employer of Choice. 2. Recruiting from non-traditional pathways. 3. Leveraging internships and apprenticeships to build your talent pool.

Agenda 8:30-9 a.m. - Coffee & Networking 9-10 a.m. - Roundtable Discussion


📆 Let's take a look at a typical Day in the Life of these fantastic BigCommerce employees!

Let's take a look at what makes Randall Hollimon's job as an Associate Implementation Project Manager (Customer Support Service), Cetiera Carmona's job as a Senior Manager, Customer Growth (Marketing), and Ashley Shakespeare's job as a Senior Market Development Representative (Sales) so exciting, and how their work makes a difference to BigCommerce and their customers. If you want to learn about Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales at an eCommerce company, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

About BigCommerce Our guest speakers, Randall Hollimon, Cetiera Carmona, and Ashley Shakespeare will highlight the day-to-day of some technical and non-technical roles within BigCommerce such as Customer Support Service, Marketing, and Sales. BigCommerce is a SaaS company that gives merchants the tools necessary to build a successful online business.


📸 AUTMHQ is co-hosting the photo exhibition All Kinds of Black in Tech during Afrotech

All kinds of Black in Tech is an immersive photo exhibit highlighting the voices and images of black professionals in the Technology workforce.

Participants in the exhibit will help the audience peel back the veil of what it means to be a part of this complex ecosystem. Subject voices from interviews and imagery of subjects representing their authentic selves, will be the cornerstone of what makes this immersive photo exhibit experience at Aftotech truly unique.

Catch the vibe provided by DJ Willtothe, Food, and Complimentary Drinks until exhausted included. Recruiters from Vercel will be on hand looking for diverse mid- career to executive level candidates for upcoming roles.

About _OFCOLOR This is an emerging arts alliance dedicated to cultivating a community of creatives and launching inclusive spaces for artists of color to showcase their craft and talents. Established out of a need to spotlight underrepresented communities in Austin, the organization devotes its efforts to uplifting the work of BIPOC artists, initiating visibility, and forging opportunities.


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