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Thank You for Speaking Up!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023


Hola and Hello,

Thank you to everyone who came out last week to Austin City Hall to give their input on the City Budget. On Tuesday, August 1st at 3 p.m. CT, Austin City Council had their last Public Input Session on item #4 before they vote on the 2024 City Budget. Currently, the submitted budget does not: 1. Align with the Community Investment Budget created by Equity Action, AUTMHQ, and more than 30 local organizations. 2.Support the work of Austin Urban Technology Movement, such as increasing workforce development across the technology industry and expanding digital equity in the community. 3. Enhance the city’s local initiatives such as the Master Community Workforce Plan to move Austinites out of poverty or the Hire Local Plan where businesses employ and develop the local talent to meet workforce needs. AUTMHQ spoke in support of our mission, volunteers, partners, and the communities we serve and encouraged our community to recognize its gaps and voice their opinion. Thanks again for joining us in our Movement towards a more diverse and equitable tech ecosystem. Sincerely, The AUTMHQ Team


Non-Profit Tech Summit | Capital Factory & Online | Tues. Aug. 15 | 7-9 p.m. CT The Non-Profit Tech Summit is an intimate gathering of non-profit tech communities with the goal of discussing how we can work together to elevate the Hispanic community! If you are the leader of a non-profit tech organization, consider attending this event! The meeting will consist of introductions, collaboration, and connection. Feel free to bring a set of slides to present about your organization.

Networking Forum - Increasing Blacks & Hispanics in STEM | Wed. Aug. 16 | 4:30-6 p.m. CTThis highly anticipated forum will bring together professionals, educators and innovators in the STEM community to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for increasing diversity in STEAM fields. Come connect and learn how to support Blacks and Hispanics in STEM and engage in captivating panel discussions.

The State of Black Education | Sat. Aug. 26 | 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. CT The State of Black Education Summit, hosted by the Black Leaders Collective, is an opportunity to collaborate with Black parents, guardians, caregivers, students and teachers about their concerns, systemic problems, feedback and suggested solutions they have toward how to better serve Black students. Black Leaders Collective is offering a paid incentive for participation in this event for those that are in need.

Engineering is Everywhere | Wed. Aug. 30 | 11 a.m. CT Engineers solve problems. Join this webinar to learn more about Discover Engineering’s robust portfolio of free standards aligned problem based learning through engineering activities. You will also learn about the exciting Future City competition hosted by Discover Engineering:


Join the Model Community Advisory Council

Model Community is a person-centered, community-led effort to co-create a multi-sector ecosystem, including data and technology tools, that helps persons, organizations and the broader community transform systems of care to address racial and health disparities, and improve outcomes. The advisory council is a governing body of 20-25 individuals that provides expertise, direction, strategic guidance, and decision-making for Model Community regarding program design, implementations, evaluation, adjustments, and sustainability.

Model Community Engagement Grants - Call for Proposals Model Community recognizes that there have been historic and ongoing barriers and inequities for organizations led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. As a commitment to redressing the racial and health disparities that exist in their funding landscape, Model Community is offering six BIPOC-led organizations $10,000 each to support their capacity to engage in coalition efforts like Model Community and others. This Call for Applications outlines the details for one-year grants starting in January 2024 for nonprofits working to address the essential needs of our neighbors.

The World of AI Technology Recently a report came out claiming more than 100,000 Austin jobs are threatened by AI. This sounds alarming, AND we see the opportunity for more people to enter into the field of AI. According to the report, while AI threatens some jobs, it will also create others.


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