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Hola and Hello again!

As you know, COVID-19 has negatively impacted our community and disproportionately affected low-income, underserved, and underrepresented neighborhoods – specifically the Black and Hispanic communities.

To overcome this trend, Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM) is expanding access to the internet, devices, and upskilling opportunities in tech for our communities most in need. Would you please complete the Needs Assessment Form, so we can connect you with the appropriate resources? We're here to help!

Paty Sesma,

Marketing and Communications Director at AUTM

You're Invited!

Join us to discuss a path forward that addresses the social, political, and economic needs of Greater Austin locals and newcomers. This is a fundraising opportunity for local Global Majority-led organizations.

Come to learn, share, and connect on the topic of smart cities, workforce gaps, and digital equity! We'll discuss the workforce gaps as the Austin region builds its smart city infrastructure while insuring equity and inclusion in filling these local workforce gaps.

Watch Now!

Story time! Meet some AUTMites.

Hire & Get Hired

For Job Seekers:

AUTM helps you find the perfect job in the tech industry! Build your profile or log in, so we can help get you employed and thrive in the tech industry!

  • Senior IT Applications Developer, Texas Division of Emergency Management

For Employers

AUTM invites you to join the movement and help us reshape the tech industry! Come post your open positions on our job board. We provide access to FREE unlimited job posts, and we offer different promotional opportunities for organizations, institutions, and businesses.

Exciting Updates!

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