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Digital Equity Collaboration

This exciting collaboration between Mission Capital and Austin Urban Technology Movement involves two events focused on reshaping the tech industry.

Mission Capital is excited to announce a new collaboration with Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM). We are leaning into our strengths to advocate for and bring awareness to increasing diversity in tech and expanding digital equity in our region. Together, we will produce two events focused on reshaping the tech industry:

Smart Cities, Workforce Gaps, & Digital Equity What are the current and anticipated future workforce gaps as the Austin region continues to build its smart city infrastructure? How do we center equity and inclusion as we build bridges to fill these local workforce gaps? What do you need to know to support the communities you serve and develop your workforce as we work toward a more inclusive smart city economy? Join us to dig into these questions and more on August 24, 2021, at 10:00 AM! We’ll hear from local leaders tackling these issues and learn about workforce resources at the intersection of digital equity and smart city growth. Come to connect with others, ask your questions, and share your insights and knowledge!

Digital Rights, Data, and Technology The global pandemic has elevated the already clear fact that data and technology are not an equal playing field, and there is a growing digital divide. We can use data and digital technology to further inequities through both intentional and unintentional means. As our society and our sector continue to increase delivery of services and resources online and increase data collection – whether directly or indirectly by partners and vendors, we need to understand the impact on the rights of those we serve, our employees, our volunteers, and our partners. What does your organization need to be thinking about as it navigates digital rights, data privacy, and the expansion of services and resources online? On November 16, 2021, at 10:00 AM, join us for a deep conversation about digital rights with leaders of organizations working to make data practices more transparent and digital technology more accessible and equitable!

“If we rely on the same conversations and short-term solutions to address the lack of diversity in tech and the digital divide, our communities will never be prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow, nor have the foundation to be productive community members. Working with companies like Mission Capital that understand the interconnectedness between technology and financial stability is essential to supporting the needs of our community.” Michael Ward Jr., President, and CEO of AUTM

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity in Central Texas, Mission Capital is proud to be in strategic partnership with AUTM, as they work diligently to close the racial leadership gap in the technology workforce and support communities to access digital tools to enhance individual and community well-being equitably.” Madge Vásquez, CEO Mission Capital

Learn more about Mission Capital: Mission Capital works to equip and connect mission-driven leaders, organizations, and networks, advancing equity and opportunity in their work. Mission Capital envisions a Central Texas where all have access to opportunity and can thrive.

Learn more about AUTM: The Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM) bridges the gap between the Black and Hispanic communities and the technology industry through job placement, career development, and networking opportunities. AUTM’s vision is to increase the Global Majority working, developing, and using technology while leading diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in the tech ecosystem.

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