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Day in the Life – Students and adults get to experience the “day in the life” of an employee at a technology company and witness their company culture firsthand. 


Horizons – Black and Hispanic tech professionals engage with Black and Hispanic students, both virtually and in person; sharing their knowledge and career journey in the technology industry. 


Job Board – We showcase vacant positions across tech companies and tech departments through our networks and channels. 


Internships - We work with you to build and fill 3-6 month internships for high school and college students; exposing students to your industry and giving them valuable experience. 


Bootcamps - We train individuals through online curriculum in various career pathways such as software engineering, manufacturing and drone technology. 


Apprenticeships - We combine on-the-job training with online curriculum and mentorship; leading to full-time employment at tech companies and departments. 



Curated Corporate Events –Hear about technology and diversity, equity, and inclusion(DEI) trends from companies in the tech space; witnessing their culture, mission, and competitive advantage in the market place.                          


ReThink Austin at SXSW – This annual event "ReThinks" the trajectory of the city by bringing together diverse individuals to address society’s most pressing issues as it relates to technology, entrepreneurship, community impact, and DEI.

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