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Let's achieve digital equity, address our community's needs, provide resources and wrap-around services while reshaping the tech ecosystem.

AUTM's Programs for Org


Workforce Development

Building Social Capital


Horizons is an opportunity for Black and Hispanic employees to share their stories and speak about who they are. It is the moment for your company to demonstrate how much value is given to diversity in the workplace. Horizons will positively impact your recruiting processes as well as employee engagement and retention.

Day In the Life

Day in the Life is a compelling opportunity to showcase your tech leaders and facilitate visitors the chance to learn what it is like to execute a particular worksite profession. Through Day in the Life, potential and future candidates shadow an experienced staff member and create interest specific professions in tech for prospective recruits from the global majority.

Job Board

Our job board will showcase job vacancies to a global majority audience. This is what makes us stand out from the rest!  Through your partnership, AUTM will be helping promote diverse talent as you help us reshape the tech industry by increasing diversity, promoting digital equity, and workforce development. Let's change lives together.


Expose high school and college students to the tech industry through 3-6 month internships.


Train individuals through online curriculum in various career pathways such as software engineering, IT support, and cybersecurity.


Combine on-the-job training with online curriculum and mentorship to secure full-time employment in tech companies and departments.

Corporate Events

This event is an ample opportunity to showcase its competitive advantage inside the tech industry; it's an exclusive job fair for your corporation. Through these events, we conduct breakout sessions and discuss technology and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) trends in the tech ecosystem.

ReThink Austin

ReThink Austin allows you to be part of the conversation and the solution to push beyond society's shortcomings and "re-think" the trajectory of Austin, Texas. We discuss the intersectionality of technology, community impact, entrepreneurship, and DEI initiatives to spur innovation.

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