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City of Austin

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Austin, Texas, United States

$23.04 – $26.50 per hour

Seeking a candidate with knowledge in maintenance processes, math, computer skills, hand/power tools, and ability to work in hazardous environments and confined spaces.

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Duties, Functions and Responsibilities: - Essential duties and functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned. - Assists with process control tasks such as basic flow control, sampling, basic laboratory testing, normal operations of pumps and blowers, and adjusting chemical feeds. - Assists with preventative maintenance tasks such as lubrication; changing equipment oil/fluids; and installing packing, bearings, and seals. - Assists with predictive and corrective maintenance on specialized equipment such as pumps, blowers, clarifiers, and valves. - Assists with routine rounds of the facilities to monitor treatment process and identify process anomalies or mechanical problems with plant equipment. - Monitors data from SCADA systems and computerized control systems, instrument panels, and gauges in order to make basic process changes as directed. - Maintains plant operations and maintenance records using log books, databases, and spreadsheets. - Acts as member of Confined Space Entry Team and may serve as entrant or assistant. Responsibilities – Supervisor and/or Leadership Exercised: None. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: - Must possess required knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed. - Knowledge of general maintenance processes and procedures. - Knowledge of basic math including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimalized numbers, fractions, and percents. - Skill in using computers and related software. - Skill in using hand tools and power tools. - Skill in operating a motor vehicle and motorized equipment. - Ability to work in environments that may have hazardous atmospheres. - Ability to climb ladders and work at heights of up to 200 feet, and to work in confined spaces up to 100 feet deep. - Ability to work in permit and non-permit confined spaces where there is limited or restricted means for entry and exit, or where the work activities may be hindered. - Ability to safely wear anti-fall ( SRL ) body harness for confined space entry that supports up to 283 pounds. - Ability to walk, stand, sit, bend, stoop, twist, push, pull, climb, kneel, crawl, and lift/carry up to fifty (50) pounds unassisted. - Ability to follow written and verbal instructions. - Ability to read and follow technical guidelines and standard operating procedures. - Ability to take simple readings from meters, gauges, control panels, and testing and monitoring equipment. - Ability to meet and maintain driver eligibility standards detailed in the City of Austin Driver Safety Program.
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