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Software Engineering

Full Time

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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The Coalition is a Microsoft first-party development studio located in Vancouver, Canada. We are the official home of the Gears of War franchise, and our objective is to forge the future of the IP and push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices. Our team is comprised of deep creative and technical talent from across our industry and beyond, working cohesively to delight our fan base and pass expectations of what is possible. As a studio, we lead from our values and work together to promote respect and inclusion, a growth mindset, G.R.I.T (Guts, Resourcefulness, Initiative & Tenacity), all while putting our team first! Join us and let’s go far together!

The Coalition’s Online team builds the multiplayer and online experiences in our games, including in-game economies and commerce, session management, player statistics, user generated content, matchmaking, and game content management just to name a few. We follow an agile, iterative, and quality driven software development lifecycle. We embrace DevOps and build our features to be supportable and easy to troubleshoot. We believe that our main branch should always be shippable, and features should get to our customers as frequently as possible, with all of our services being deployed to production regularly. We build our clients and services with the latest technologies (UE5, .NET7) leveraging Azure whenever we can. As a team, we focus on a first-class player experience, common technological foundations, and empowering developers.

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