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Clifford Dukes

Chief Operating Officer

  • Clifford Dukes - LinkedIn

Clifford Dukes is a seasoned leader with more than two decades of experience financing, designing, implementing, staffing, and evaluating innovative methods to tackle seemingly intractable challenges.

Most recently, Clifford has worked as a management consultant at a brand marketing firm and in senior positions in the nonprofit sector.  He possesses experience building business partnerships, leading project teams of several hundred people annually, raising funds, providing oversight, and generating broad-based excitement.  He also has additional experience in politics, production, and as a teaching assistant in a special education classroom.   

Clifford links sectors and unites people, unlocking value that would otherwise remain hidden.  His goal is to broaden access to opportunity for groups left out or in danger of being left behind. 

When he was chairman of the board of directors of an arts and education organization or on the front lines of direct service, Clifford delivered on promises and was adept at balancing the interests of multiple constituencies and finding solutions that fit.  Clifford earned his B.A. in English from Amherst College. 


Clifford loves to travel, has been an avid mentor for more than two decades, and in his spare time currently instructs Latin dance. 

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