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Alejandra Alcaraz

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Director of Community Engagement and Outreach

Alejandra Alcaraz is a dedicated community advocate who has been making a difference in the Austin area for the past 5 years. Working alongside trailblazing organizations like AUTMHQ, Alejandra is committed to achieving equity and creating a more inclusive society. 

Alejandra's journey began at Texas A&M, where she discovered the transformative power of Americorps. It ignited her passion for serving the community through advocacy and engagement. Building on her experience as an Americorps leader for 2 years, Alejandra embraced roles as a Case Manager, Employee Specialist, and Mentor Coordinator. She actively works with individuals, providing them with valuable resources to enhance both their soft and hard skills, while also connecting them with like-minded organizations.

Always eager to learn and engage, Alejandra seeks growth and knowledge from her peers. She is particularly passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and ensuring accessibility for all. In her free time, Alejandra loves swimming at Barton Creek and going on hikes with her dogs. 

Alejandra's unwavering passion drives her to continue making an impact at the national, state, and local levels. Her focus is on increasing opportunities for BIPOC communities and driving positive change in their lives.

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