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I am an individual and I need help to enter or advance in the tech industry, build a career, and become an AUTMite to change my life.

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I am an employer, organization, institution, government entity and I want to help reshape the tech ecosystem.

AUTMHQ has been able to provide over 300 computers so far. We have helped 15,000 families secure Internet access and devices. In 2020, we exposed over 2000 individuals to technology opportunities; in 2021, we increased our reach to 330,000 users; we have provided training to over 130 families; we have established over 35 partnerships, including the U.S. Department of Labor and Spectrum; and we have raised 1.4 million dollars to accomplish our mission. AUTMHQ has also collaborated with firms such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and National Instruments to enhance tech diversity and digital equity. In early 2021, AUTMHQ announced a collaboration with Workforce Solutions to pull 10,000 residents out of poverty by concentrating on workforce development and career readiness in technology. 

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