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Nakevia Miller

Chief Managing Officer

Nakevia Miller is energetic, meticulous, and dedicated to realizing the Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM) vision. With over 10 years of marketing and design experience, she believes in a collaborative approach to strategic marketing and brand management that integrates operations, customer care, sales, marketing, and creative perspectives to ensure that all initiatives support the business goals. 

Nakevia is passionate about building brands. As an award-winning designer she elevates communication across all aspects of marketing including user experience, content strategy, and branding. She advocates for brand consistency in messaging and visuals across all marketing channels because it is a foundational key to organizational growth. 

Nakevia is a Central Texan from the city of Taylor. Nakevia spends most of her free time with her family or working to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in Central Texas.
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