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💙 We're honoring Black History Month!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Let's celebrate every day, all year long!

AUTMHQ UPDATES Hola and Hello, Paty! We're celebrating Black History Month! This excites me so much because, as a Hispanic woman, I love being a part of events that honor the Global Majority. Recognizing Black excellence is something I do every day through the communities we represent. Not only do I witness the most dedicated people on the path to advancing their education in order to improve their skills, find better jobs, and change their lives, but I also work with outstanding leaders who have taught me some of the most valuable lessons of diversity, equity, and inclusion in my career. As a Hispanic woman working in technology, I have experienced the industry's underrepresentation, and I've come to realize that through the work that Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) does on an everyday basis, we are actually provoking awareness and thus change. This is the best way to celebrate Black History Month all year long. I'd like to leave you with this thought: in order to honor Black history, we must ensure that the legacy is carried on, so let's do our part.

Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsMichael Ward Jr. invites you to join him in commemorating Black History Month.

AUTMHQ EVENTS 📢 AUTMHQ invites you to the Talking Tech Summit 2022 to celebrate Black Excellence! Join us on February 22nd for our virtual Talking Tech Summit to commemorate Black history and engage with exciting technology. Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) will host this event to commemorate Black History Month. There are going to be two separate panels to talk about today's tech landscape. Our amazing speakers will discuss their contributions to technology and how they are striving to enhance diversity in the industry. This is an event in which Black UX will collaborate with AUTMHQ to promote technology. Microsoft will perform one of the tech showcases, and it will be around Xbox. What a blast! Isn't that right? It will pave the way to create social capital in our society.


ReThink Austin 2022: Leading by Action is here!

Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ), in partnership with Harlem Labs, will present ReThink Austin for the fourth time during SXSW in March 2022. This year's theme is "Leading by Action," and it will include a series of events featuring leaders from the communities we represent. Leaders will discuss how to establish your own personal board, deliver an interactive display on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and talk space technology; there will also be a session led by phenomenal women, all while we enjoy music and party!

ReThink Austin is a powerful gathering that focuses on topics affecting central Austin such as technology, entrepreneurship, community impact, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Good News: You may now join the greatest team to make a difference! AUTMHQ is now hiring!

Come join the #autmhq team and help us make change happen! We are looking for a Workforce Development Program Coordinator to implement and maintain programs and AUTMite services in conformance with AUTMHQs workforce development objectives. If you're interested, we can't wait to meet you!


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