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I'm sure you've heard us say this before: AUTMHQ is reshaping the tech ecosystem, and it is, in fact, an important part of our mission. As you are aware, Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) is committed to bridging the gap between the Black and Hispanic communities and the technology industry. To bridge this gap, we must ensure that the other end of our ecosystem is aware of the value of diversity in the workplace. We work with employers who want to diversify their workforce and make their workplace more inclusive, as well as bring together people with diverse experiences, skills, perspectives, and insights to solve problems. Our workforce is gradually but steadily diversifying across the country. You may agree with me that at this point, this should not be a topic for debate, but rather a natural occurrence in our society. This is why stories like the one I'm about to share concerning Nike, a multinational athletic apparel and footwear corporation based in the United States, are so important to our work. The truth is that AUTMHQ is reshaping technology, but the problem will be solved when our country's overall culture shifts toward inclusion in all sectors. Nike has made a number of executive changes in recent weeks, including new heads of its women's, Asia, diversity, and technology efforts. As a result of the announcements, two female executives were promoted. Nike has made a number of changes to address the previously criticized lack of female leadership. Nike stated in its most recent corporate responsibility report that 43% of its executives are women, up from 39% a year ago and on track to meet a 45% target by 2025. You can read the full article here. You can make things better by joining the AUTMHQ movement, resharing our content on social media, volunteering with us, supporting our communities through monthly donations, and getting involved. We want every tech company to hire talent from the communities we serve. Only in this way will we be able to strengthen our country and set a good example.

Paty Sesma Vice president of Marketing and Communications at AUTMHQ


Get together to learn about Data & Information, Software Development, and ATX Technology!

📆 Today, March 28th, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at Capital Factory, 701 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701 This is a group for software and hardware engineers of Hispanic ethnicity to showcase their knowledge and experience, and to build their professional network. If you’re not Hispanic, this is a great place to get to know Austin’s Hispanic hacker community! Our meetings feature topics in software and hardware technology presented by Austin’s Hispanic hackers. Come meet with us, showcase your accomplishments, learn from each other, and get to know your fellow Hispanic hackers! All skill levels and career stages are welcome.


Let's talk about the Power of Women At Work (POWW)

In the battles Black women fight across the corporate landscape and throughout society, we believe self-preservation can be an act of warfare; a remedy that protects them from the barriers that aim to slow their progress, manipulate their mindsets, and limit their opportunities for professional advancement.

At The Executive Leadership Council’s Power of Women At Work (POWW) conference, a one-day virtual symposium designed to equip Black women with the strategies, tactics, and inspiration they need to reimagine their career journey, we will help them navigate their own path to success and invest in their professional futures. The candid conversations, game-changing solutions, insightful panels, networking, and partnering opportunities will keep you engaged.


Implicit Bias Learning Circle

We invite you to join us for a 6-week Implicit Bias Learning Circle consisting of both individual and group work. Implicit biases are attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. Implicit biases develop at an early age through social conditioning. Having an implicit bias towards a particular group can determine how you treat an individual from that group.

Learning Experience Design: This learning experience is designed to help you personally explore implicit bias, particularly as it relates to race and racism. We will work together to identify and understand implicit bias. Each week you will have reading and reflection activities to accomplish and to participate in a virtual 90-minute learning circle. There will also be check-ins with your peers. We anticipate that the course will require about 3 hours per week.

Learning circles will meet virtually at 1:00 pm until 2:30 pm on Wednesdays on the following days: • April 5, 2023 • April 12, 2023 • April 19, 2023 • April 26, 2023 • May 3, 2023 • May 10, 2023

We will be using email, an online learning platform, and Zoom for this learning experience. Learn more about the course and facilitators here:


City of Austin 2023 Career Expo

The Career Expo is scheduled to give you an opportunity to attend during the day as time permits within your schedule. The event starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. We encourage you to take advantage of the information and resources that will be provided by the Employers. Showcase presentations during the event will feature tips for job seekers. Take advantage of this opportunity to get insight on how to strengthen your personal brand and increase your chances of getting hired. When: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 11 AM - 4 PM

Where: Palmer Events Center 900 Barton Springs Road Austin, TX 78704


Nurture the next generations of thinkers and tinkerers!

Are you passionate about nurturing the next generations of thinkers and tinkerers, problem-solvers & peace-makers, connection-makers & consensus-builders? Join STEM stakeholders from across Region 13 to network, learn and get inspired to connect our PreK-12 students to real-world learning experiences that foster their creativity, build critical thinking skills, and engage them in collaboration with their peers and the broader community. Please note that we are in the process of re-confirming with presenters, partners, and participants, so schedule details are likely to change between now and the rescheduled event.


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