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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Speaking of being the movement and transitioning to new life cycles, expect big announcements next week!


Hola and Hello,

¡Feliz Día de los Muertos! The annual Mexican celebration of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a happy occasion for families and the Mexican community to honor and remember deceased loved ones. The souls of the dead are said to visit living families in their homes, businesses, and cemeteries. They honor their deaths with fiestas, ofrendas, music played at home and in cemeteries, and colorful and delightful rituals. The Aztecs saw death as the beginning of the seasonal and life cycle. Every year, the Día de Muertos celebration takes place at the end of October and on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico. As a Latina, I can attest to the importance of this festivity, because we believe that by performing these rituals, we can preserve connection with our loved ones who have passed away. This is without a doubt one of Mexico's most treasured traditions.

And, while we're on the subject of new life cycles, Austin Urban Technology Movement thinks that constant renovation is crucial to success, progress, growth, and adaptation–just as it is with technology. This year, AUTM has grown exponentially, and we are now being accessed by people living in other countries. We have determined that because these individuals and families are such a significant part of our organization, our brand must represent a bolder rendition that reflects the world's expanding Global Majority. As a result, expect big announcements next week!

Finally, I'd like to provide an update on our Mock Interviews with Microsoft volunteers. A total of 24 AUTMites and 24 Microsoft volunteers checked in to participate in this exciting event. The primary focus was on how to conduct an effective interview. Vijay Aski offered words of encouragement to the candidates, and we performed two rounds of interviews focused on the following career paths: cybersecurity, data analytics, project management, software engineering, and user experience/user interface design. The event was a great success, and some of our AUTMites have been recommended for real-life interviews.

Paty Sesma Vice President of Marketing and Communications


Austin may be a tech hub, but its most vulnerable populations still lack digital access

By Natalia E. Contreras – Austin American-Statesman

Austin for years has been one of the nation's most desirable tech hubs, especially now as software giant Oracle and, coming soon, electric carmaker Tesla move their headquarters here. Yet despite the city being the home of the South by Southwest interactive media festival, some of Austin's most vulnerable populations still lack digital literacy, internet access and digital exposure. City officials said the demand for digital devices in Austin continues to surpass the number of devices available. [...] Tech companies with corporate or regional hubs in the Austin metro area include Dell, Apple, Facebook, IBM, and the job search website Indeed.

As these companies spill millions of dollars into creating campuses and headquarters, the communities that could most benefit from the investment are left out, said Michael Ward Jr., president and CEO of the nonprofit Austin Urban Technology Movement.

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Google recruiters explain how to demonstrate 'past experience' on your resume - even if you've never had a job

• Applications for Google's 2022 internship programs are now open. • Two recruiters gave resume tips at a workshop for graduates on October 19. • They said past experience is a "must have" - but it doesn't have to be formal work experience. Getting a job at Google is not easy - but new advice from internal recruiters ahead of the tech giant's internships might help.

Applications for Google's 2022 internship cohort opened on October 19, and close on November 26.

Over the years, Insider has spoken to current and former Googlers about how to land a role. They say being a good collaborator and being curious are some of the traits the company values. ________________________ Check out our Google courses here and start training today!

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We pay $100 to hear about your internet access experiences

Austin Urban Technology Movement together with Measure is inviting all community members to take part in an exciting virtual focus group about digital equity and earn $100 if you're eligible! We'd want to hear about your internet access experiences and solutions that have been helpful for you and your family. You'll need access to internet and an internet-enabled device with a video camera and microphone. If you do not have a device with internet access, you can join by phone

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Advancing Your Tech Career Through Industry Groups and Clubs

Industry groups can be a great source of networking that can help you find the next step in your career. These groups often offer professional development opportunities to help you develop your career skills.

Like many groups organized around a shared interest, members of industry groups all work in the same field and face the same challenges. They can range from a global community like the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), comprised of computing professionals and students with nearly 100,000 members, to smaller groups focused on local IT communities.

Whether it is a difficult workplace, a tricky technical issue, or professional development tips, odds are someone in the group has gone through the same thing and often is willing to advise or mentor someone. ________________________ If you are seeking mentoring, mentorship, or networking opportunities, AUTM is here for you! Complete this form and we'll connect with you.

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Apprentice/Mentor Workshop Registration

San Juan College is here to help support state registered apprentices and mentors. We are excited to be able to offer these virtual workshops at no cost to the apprentice or mentor. Workshops will be conducted by faculty from the San Juan College Center for Workforce Development. Once we receive your registration, we will follow up with a confirmation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Amanda Pickering at 505-566-3220 or

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Tesla Starts ESL Program After Austin Group's Hiring Concerns

Tesla has partnered with Austin Community College District to launch an English as a Second Language program at its new Texas gigafactory. By Meagan Falcon, Patch Staff

AUSTIN, TX — Tesla has partnered with Austin Community College District to launch an English as a Second Language program at its new Texas gigafactory.

The announcement comes after the Texas Anti-Poverty Project told the electric car manufacturer it could hinder job opportunities for Spanish speakers in the area.

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