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🍎 Is there a spy-worm in your Apple?

Save the date for our next session of ReThink Austin, 2021!


ReThink Austin 2021 Technology Session will address issues such as Apple's spyware infection

Save the date: October 9th, 2021 at 11 am CDT.

Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM), in collaboration with Harlem Labs, is hosting the third ReThink Austin session this year. Our panelists will discuss some data privacy issues, as well as the importance of protecting our digital footprint. The ReThink Austin Technology Session is scheduled for October 9th at 11 a.m. Save the date and keep an eye out for RSVPs.

Apple's security fix: Protect your iPhone from Pegasus now.


🖐 5 Tech Jobs you can get certified for before the end of the year

If you want to work in technology but lack technical skills, AUTM offers training for the coolest jobs for people like you! AUTM's many career pathways, allow you to earn a certification to work and thrive in the tech field. Get trained for a new career with AUTM in as little as 6 weeks!

1. Google IT Support

2. Google IT Manager

3. Advanced Manufacturing Program

4. Java Code Immersion

5. Software Engineering


Facebook Supports Black Women Entrepreneurs With $2M Donation To The McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund

Facebook is back at it with their support of Black-owned businesses.

According to PR Newswire, the social media platform will donate $2 million to the McBride Sisters to continue their efforts to give back to other Black women-led businesses. Through the SHE CAN Fund, Black women entrepreneurs will be eligible to receive $20,000 in Facebook advertising credits.

They’ll also receive guidance from the Facebook Elevate community and learning program, designed to fuel the growth of Black and Latinx and Hispanic-owned businesses.

“We believe that the McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund can start a wave of change, and we’re proud to be teaming up with partners such as Facebook who want to join our fight to help close the race and gender gap in the Wine & Spirits industry and beyond,” said Agnes Uboma, Chief Impact Officer of the McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund in an official statement. “Our commitment to women-owned and Black-owned businesses is unwavering, and we encourage companies of all sizes to help these businesses and entrepreneurs thrive.”


'A competitive edge': Webhead founder Gonzalez a role model for women, minorities in tech industry


While Janie Martinez Gonzalez was growing up, she watched her mother set up tables at flea markets to make the family some extra cash by selling gloves and bracelets, like the ones Madonna was wearing, or nunchucks, when karate was popular — whatever would sell.

“It was really neat to learn from her, and watch her operate — to take $20 and make $200. And for us, $200 was a lot,” Gonzalez said. “One of the things that I saw right away was how my mom was very smart, and society had told her that her job was to just be a housewife and raise her kids. And I was already being groomed for that.” If you're looking for growth opportunities, AUTM is here for you.


Local Hispanic, Latino leaders put life experience to work for others

With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, major in Marketing, Diane Cortes has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Her community outreach work is what got her appointed as the President of HCCTB where she helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, and all Hispanic businesses thrive within the Tampa Bay Area’s growing economy. With marketing always being her passion, Acumen’s vision is “founded on the belief that every business deserves to succeed,” and works “to implement an effective and profitable ontology of business,” to help all companies. If you're looking for volunteer opportunities like Diana Cortes, AUTM is a great place to start. “I found my passions [through volunteering] and saw everything I can do for the community, and that’s where everything started. I saw that this is the place I need to be in order to help others,” Cortes says. “Seeing others succeed is my biggest inspiration, being a part of their success, and seeing them thrive makes me thrive as well.”


YouTube TV añade Univision, UniMás y Galavisión en el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

El servicio de televisión online YouTube TV (propiedad de Google) anunció este miércoles la inclusión para sus abonados de los canales en español Univision, UniMás y Galavisión, para celebrar el inicio del Mes de la Herencia Hispana. La celebración de la Herencia Hispana se inició en 1968 bajo el nombre de la Semana Hispana, cuando había en el país unos 9,6 millones de latinos, y se expandió a un mes entero en 1988, cuando se contaban unos 22 millones de personas identificadas como latinas.


TexTalks: Monitoring the Nature & Behaviors of Anthropogenic Space Objects

TexTalks: Quantifying, Monitoring, and Assessing the Nature and Behaviors of the Anthropogenic Space Object Population

We currently track over 26000 unique anthropogenic space objects orbiting the earth. Of these, roughly 4000 are satellites that provide services or capabilities of use and the remainder is garbage. There is a growing number of space actors, all driven to make use of outer space as they desire, without a mechanism for global governance or joint resource utilization. This, inter alia, is leading to a certain tragedy of the Commons, unless a method of aggregating massive amounts of disparate and heterogeneous data can be developed and made to serve the various needs of space safety, security, and sustainability. In order to support a variety of decisions, there is a foundation need to quantify, monitor, and assess the nature and behaviors of the objects in this near-earth space ecosystem. This work will describe these efforts and provide examples of our state-of-the-art in this endeavor.


One more significant benefit is provided by the technology industry.

Tech companies led the way to remote work. What will they do post-pandemic? Will other industries follow suit?. Technology companies that led the charge to remote work as the coronavirus pandemic unfurled now must decide how, when, and even whether they should bring long-isolated employees back to offices.

That’s been complicated by the rapid spread of the Delta variant, which scrambled the plans many tech companies had to bring back most workers by around Labor Day. Microsoft has pushed those dates back to October. Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and a growing list of others will wait until next year.


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