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🔔 Is the most wonderful time of the year!

Merry Christmas from the AUTMHQ family, to yours!

AUTMHQ WISHES Hola and Hello! Today, I'll start my letter with a trivia question: Do you know what was the first song played in space on December 16, 1965, during the broadcast of NASA's Gemini 6A space flight? Here's a hint: 🔔 Now, on a different note, I'd like to share this; in every interview I conduct for Instagram or our YouTube channel, I always ask this question: "What is your favorite season of the year?" And I get a wide range of responses. When that same question was posed to me for the first time, I undoubtedly replied, "Christmas!" "Navidad" to me represents a time for togetherness. The spirit that pervades our homes is simply indescribable, and you get to see a lot more kindness and joy on the streets. Because of this feeling, I'd like to ask you two things this holiday season. The first is that you please help us with your donation. As a non-profit organization, we require your help to help our communities. It's that simple. The AUTMHQ team devotes its time to assisting people in achieving better lives. We prepare families and individuals for job interviews that we arrange for them, and we provide them with the resources they need to train and master soft and hard skills for these positions. These resources include laptops, stipends, mentorship, transportation, etc. And the best part is that you can actually meet the people you help through AUTMHQ. The second thing I'd like to ask is that whenever you shop on Amazon, please use Amazon Smile and make our organization the beneficiary. This is important because Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of eligible purchases to the charity of your choice. We won't know who donated, but donations will start pouring in. You can bookmark this page to your favorites and access it whenever you want to make an Amazon purchase. So, from now on, you'll enjoy your shopping even more!

Finally, AUTMHQ wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas full of love, good health, and joy! Oh, and the answer to the trivia question at the beginning can be found by scrolling down to the bottom.

Vice President of Marketing and Communications


🚀 AUTM Talks by AUTMHQ: We're Going Beyond with Dr. Frank Chang-Diaz!

Tune in for a live chat on December 22nd, 2021 at 9 a.m. with the Ad Astra Rocket Company's Founder and CEO, Dr. Frank Chang-Diaz.

AUTMHQ will be presenting a very entertaining live chat with Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz, the first Costa Rican and Hispanic astronaut who will take us on a trip to the stars through a very engaging conversation with AUTMHQ's guests. Dr. Chang-Diaz graduated from MIT and was chosen in 1980 by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He flew seven times into space and walked three times. Join AUTMHQ for another conversation with a living legend about space. ________________________ ↪ Check out all AUTMHQ's events here and be part of the fun!

👉 RSVP here


NASA: Webb telescope launch delayed by communication problem

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – Next week’s launch of NASA’s new space telescope is delayed for at least two days because of a communication problem between the observatory and the rocket. Liftoff of the James Webb Space Telescope is now targeted no earlier than Dec. 24. NASA announced the latest delay for the $10 billion telescope late Tuesday. More information will be available later this week, officials said.

In this April 13, 2017 photo provided by NASA, technicians lift the mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope using a crane at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. NASA announced Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021, that next week's launch of its new space telescope is delayed for at least two days because of a communication problem between the observatory and the rocket. Liftoff of the James Webb Space Telescope is now targeted no earlier than Dec. 24. (Laura Betz/NASA via AP, File) ________________________ ↪ AUTMHQ's live streaming event for December 22nd, 2021 has been canceled. However, you can still tune in for a very entertaining conversation with Dr. Franklin Chang-Díaz to learn more about why this launch keeps getting pushed back.


Re-Thinking Disability in Tech: How Workplace Inclusion Can Drive Growth

By Craig Dobson

I truly believe that the vast majority of tech firms want to do a better job of supporting workers with diverse needs. DEI initiatives are proliferating across our sector, and not before time.

But when it comes to disability, we are still a long way from true representation.

I’m glad that we’re making progress. In the U.S. for example, VMware's self-identification rate of employees with disabilities is 3.2%, up from 1.8% in 2019. But that’s far short of the U.S. population-wide figure of 18%.

________________________ ↪ Joining the AUTMHQ is all about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology industry. Learn more about our mission by clicking here.


Two Ways to Improve Gender Balance in Tech

By Deena Gergis and Mikhail Kachala | Harvard Business Review

Diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones. Gender diversity in particular has positive effects on radical innovation, a criterion that is crucial for tech companies. At Bayer, we strongly believe that the best teams are made up of diverse talents — that the collective sum of individual differences is a significant factor of Bayer’s success. However, reaching gender parity in IT is a challenge that most companies deem infeasible.

Only 26% of computer and mathematical sciences roles and 15% of engineering roles are held by women in the U.S. Despite the inclusion and diversity programs most tech leaders have in place, women holding technical positions remain at an average of 24%. Those statistics are useful to understand the magnitude of the problem, but, as a data-driven organization, we wanted to take our research a few steps further to understand why the issue persisted.


Prioritize Diversity In Your Cybersecurity Teams For Better Business Results

By John Griffin Jr Forbes Councils Member

Just as businesses of every size confront a cybercrime wave, there is a global shortage of the cybersecurity professionals they need to protect them. Businesses, government and nonprofits can close the cybersecurity skill gap by extending their search for people and partners to underrepresented communities.

The pressing need for cyber talent is clear. Over 3 million (download required) cybersecurity positions are unfilled globally, according to the security certification group (ISC)² Inc. In the United States, there are 879,000 cybersecurity professionals but a need to fill another 359,000 positions.


↪ If you want to learn about Cybersecurity and how to protect your digital Footprint, check out this technology session video of our ReThink Austin event.


3 things leaders need to do to hire more women in tech

By Ursula Mead

It’s almost 2022, and companies still aren’t getting it right for women in tech. Sure, they’re dangling high pay and remote work. And those are important. But they simply aren’t enough. With peak hiring and job hunting season right around the corner, here’s how to stand out from the crowd and solve one of the top challenges companies continue to come to my company, InHerSight, with—attracting and winning over women in tech through the competitive interview process.


From Waco to Boca Chica: Elon Musk - TIME's 2021 Person of the Year - and his impact in Texas

By Eline de Bruijn

TEXAS, USA — Elon Musk can add one more title to his portfolio alongside "innovator," "CEO," "Texas resident" and "billionaire" -- TIME's 2021 Person of the Year.

Musk has made plenty of moves in the Lone Star State over the past year, developing properties, moving his businesses, and creating new ventures.

Gov. Greg Abbott welcomed Tesla to Texas, calling it "one of the top innovators in the entire world." He said it would spur economic grown and an "even brighter future" for the state.


Python, Java, Linux, and SQL: These are the hot tech skills employers are looking for

By Owen Hughes, Senior Editor

Developers, cybersecurity specialists, and other skilled tech professionals are proving particularly elusive for hiring managers, largely as a result of the ramped-up demand for software and IT solutions prompted by the pandemic.

The latest Tech Jobs Report by recruitment agency Dice sheds light on exactly where this demand lies in the latter part of 2021. In Q3, job listings in the tech industry suggest that organizations are on the lookout for technology professionals "who understand the core concepts of software development and project management" and possess technical skills in Linux, as well as programming languages Java, Python, and SQL.

________________________ ↪ If you want to start training for these tech skills, click here to access our best cohort-based courses.

🎄 Four great companies with jobs that you can apply for before Christmas!

🔔 The answer to the trivia question at the beginning is Jingle Bells! “Jingle Bells” became the first song played in space when, on 16 December 1965, it was broadcast during NASA’s Gemini 6A space flight. The song, written by James Lord Pierpont (USA) in 1857, was originally titled “One-Horse Open Sleigh”.


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