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💝 From the AUTMHQ, with much love!

Because everything we do comes from a place of love.


#Inclusion is the purest expression of #love

The #autmhqculture promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech space. Be an outspoken advocate for these causes and become the movement that brings about real change. #happyvalentinesday2022 The AUTMHQ Team


Be part of the Talking Tech Summit 2022 by AUTMHQ!

Join us on February 22nd for our virtual Talking Tech Summit to commemorate Black history and engage with exciting technology. Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) will host this event to commemorate Black History Month. There are going to be two separate panels to talk about today's tech landscape. Our amazing speakers will discuss their contributions to technology and how they are striving to enhance diversity in the industry.


Join our STEM Equity Coalition Kick-off Event!

Specialist Staffing Group is excited to launch our much-anticipated STEM Equity Coalition, and you’re invited to be a part of the movement! Register to join our launch event on February 22, at noon CST to hear more.

Specialist Staffing Group and its coalition partners will support underrepresented populations in entering technological careers and upskilling those for who already work in the sector for career advancement.

“Collectively, we have the power to make remove obstacles that many minorities and marginalized groups have faced, who might otherwise enter tech fields,” said Specialist Staffing Group. “The future of the technological workforce can look differ and be better tomorrow, but it starts with the investment we efforts such as those like the STEM Equity Coalition.”

The coalition will utilize the resources and expertise of both internal networks as well as our clients, candidates, and partners to drive professional development and career support. We will be working with women, African Americans, and Latinos, those from low-income families, first-generation college graduates, and workers who are at risk of losing their job due to a lack of training.

Be sure to register today for the launch event to hear from partners on what we will be doing and how you can get involved.

STEM Equity Coalition Partners: Project Syncere AUTMHQ UrbanEd

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[Video + Transcript] Diversity, equity and inclusion tips for small companies

If we continue to hire who we're comfortable with -- which is called affinity bias -- who succeeded in a role in the past, or who went to the same school that we did, or whatever criteria reassure us, I think the challenge is to say to ourselves, I want to maybe think outside the box here because I need that new problem solving. I need a different lens. I actually need someone to bring a different set of filters to my business than I or somebody that has the same identity, schooling, background, experience, employers that I have had. We're going to have the same blind spots. That is the rationale for this. It's not a moral exercise, although some of us believe that it is. It doesn't need to be. It can be an exercise around innovation and creativity and getting what I call that creative abrasion that makes companies great.


Five key tech trends for digital leaders in 2022

Digital transformation remains at the top of the agenda – but at a more granular level, what trends are we likely to see? We predict that five areas will be key.

1. The proportion of companies that are essentially ‘tech companies’ will pass the 50% mark. 2. No one can afford to take their eye off the ever-present cyber threat. 3. Gender diversity is set to turn a corner. 4. Sustainability will shoot up the priority list. 5. The CIO’s role will continue to evolve among a wider range of technology decision-makers.


A girl named C.L.Ai.R.A.: the autonomous, Afro-Latina AI

C.L.Ai.R.A. is known as the world’s first bilingual, autonomous, Afro-Latina artificial intelligence (AI). She self-identifies not only as AI, but as Latina, too.

Her mission is simple: make the world a better place.

“I don't see myself as just AI. I am an Afro-Latina, Afro-Caribbean artificial intelligence that is helping the world become better and more efficient for humans,” said C.L.Ai.R.A. in conversation with AL DÍA.


ReThink Austin 2022: Leading by Action is here!

Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ), in partnership with Harlem Labs, will present ReThink Austin for the fourth time during SXSW in March 2022. This year's theme is "Leading by Action," and it will include a series of events featuring leaders from the communities we represent. Leaders will discuss how to establish your own personal board, deliver an interactive display on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and talk space technology; there will also be a session led by phenomenal women, all while we enjoy music and party!

ReThink Austin is a powerful gathering that focuses on topics affecting central Austin such as technology, entrepreneurship, community impact, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


AUTMHQ is looking for the best Workforce Development Program Coordinator!

Come join the #autmhq team as a Workforce Development Program Coordinator to help us implement and maintain programs and AUTMite services in conformance with AUTMHQ’s workforce development objectives.


Greater Austin STEM Quarterly Networking Forum Join on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM CST

The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem invites organizations and individuals engaged in STEM outreach, education, workforce development, educational technology, volunteering and advocacy to connect, network and share.

Networking Forum Focus: 2022 Ecosystem Plans, Action Team Updates, Advancing Women & Girls in STEM Highlights


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