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We all have a part to play in the movement towards a more diverse and equitable tech ecosystem. AUTMHQ is here to help you navigate the tech ecosystem and provide you with opportunities to be a part of our movement. One way you can get involved is to take the Texas Digital Opportunity Survey. The State of Texas is designing solutions to ensure that all residents have access to high qulaity and affordable internet service, devices, skills training, and digital support. This 10 minute Digital Equity Survey will gather information about your current experiences using the internet and should be completed by one individual per household.

Another way to get involved with digital equity is to sign AUTMHQ's petition. If you support reliable and high speed internet access for all Texans, economic growth, the development of technology skills, and access to education, please consider signing our petition.

Thanks for doing your part to move us towards a more diverse and equitable tech ecosystem! The AUTMHQ Team

UPCOMING EVENTS 📆 Understanding and Using Generative AI - June 6 | 6:15 p.m. CDT | In-person & Online On June 6, the Austin Forum on Technology & Society will be hosting an exciting event to teach you how to use generative AI tools in co-creation of content. more than a dozen AI experts will participate in leading this event. The evening will start with a presentation of the key concepts behind generative AI and how it can be used to create novel and innovative solutions in a variety of fields. They will highlight the growing importance of generative AI tools in industries such as graphic design, marketing, and content creation, and discuss some of the most promising applications of this technology. ​Following the presentation, attendees will be given the opportunity to try out various generative AI tools for themselves--bring your laptops, smartphones, etc.! (They will have virtual tables for online attendees, too.) Attendees will be able to experiment with ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that can generate human-like responses to user input, Bard, an AI writing assistant that can help generate creative writing, DALL-E, an AI image generation tool that can create images from textual descriptions, MidJourney, an AI tool that can generate music in real-time, GitHub Copilot for generating code, and many more!


The Future of Manufacturing with Mechatronics and Robotics

Manufacturing is undergoing an unprecedented transformation due to the advent of mechatronics. This new technology combines mechanical, electrical and computer engineering into one system that can be used in a variety of applications. By combining all three disciplines, engineers are able to create more efficient machines and systems with fewer components, making them less costly and easier to maintain. The future of manufacturing is looking more and more profitable thanks to mechatronics and robotics.

The Impact and fallout of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has generated comments in Senate hearings, inspired fear in Hollywood, freaked out teachers and gotten New York City lawyers in trouble — but also made millions excited about the opportunities to boost productivity, efficiency, creative ideation and knowledge management. Words like “hallucinations” and “prompt engineering” have become part of the public discourse, while job displacement concerns have exploded, and policymakers have sprinted to try and catch up to the sudden wave of powerful AI development.


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