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Austin Urban Technology Movement and Workforce Solutions Aims to Lift 10,000 Texans Out of Poverty

The collaboration will focus on workforce development and career readiness to create pathways into the tech industry.

AUSTIN, TX. –– JUNE 15, 2021 –– Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM), an organization that bridges the gap between the Black and Hispanic communities and the technology industry through job placement, career development, and networking opportunities, announces today a partnership with Workforce Solutions Capital Area (WFS) to create pathways for 10,000 Austinites in poverty to gain the skills necessary to succeed in today’s most in-demand fields, like those in the tech industry.

This partnership, along with others AUTM has cultivated, are strategic steps toward building a comprehensive workforce development ecosystem and achieving their ultimate goals: eliminating the wealth divide, increasing diversity in tech, and filling the skills gap.

“Even as opportunities in tech have been amplified as a result of the pandemic, Black and Hispanic communities in our city have remained at a disadvantage and still struggle to break into this industry,” said Michael Ward Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of AUTM. “This partnership with WFS is crucial in building our workforce development ecosystem and will expand our capabilities, making it possible for us to reach thousands of motivated individuals and provide them with the tools and support they need to succeed.”

Working together, AUTM and WFS will support the Austin Travis County Community Workforce Plan (CWP) initiatives and objectives by creating pathways for Austin’s Black and Hispanic community members to enter the tech industry by:

  • Promoting and amplifying the services offered to assist individuals in pursuing a career and employers looking to expand their talent

  • Supporting expansion of apprenticeship, internship opportunities and grant opportunities through letters of support when appropriate or applicable

  • Collecting data that helps to track the services offered to individuals and employers

  • Collaborating with Industry Sector Partnerships

“The work that AUTM is doing has powerful implications for our community, as well as the rest of our state and country,” said Tamara Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer at Workforce Solutions Capital Area. “We are proud to be part of the solution for all those looking for a way to lift their communities up through education and technology, and we look forward to seeing the results of our combined efforts.”

For more information about Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM), visit

About Austin Urban Tech Movement (AUTM)

Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM) bridges the gap between the Black and Hispanic communities and the technology industry through job placement, career development, and networking opportunities. AUTM’s vision is to increase representation of the Global Majority working, developing, and using technology, while leading diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in the tech ecosystem. To learn more about Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM), visit

About Workforce Solutions Capital Area (WFS)

Workforce Solutions Capital Area Workforce Board is the publicly-funded workforce board for Austin-Travis County. Through strong partnerships and strategic collaborations, Workforce Solutions is leading our region’s workforce system in the development of a world-class workforce.

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Carl Webb
Carl Webb
Jun 18, 2021

I'm so happy to be one of the Austinites that AUTM is helping cross the Digital Divide. Many of the jobs and training programs I see on the AUTM website are opportunities many of us didn't even know existed. I'm really glad to have the chance to be part of a effort to build a more inclusive network.


This partnership sound really amazing a helpful for everyone in the Austin community.


I am happy to hear about WFS joining AUTM in its mission to bridge the technology gap in the Black and Hispanic communities. I can't wait to see the building of the workforce development system and the outreach that will come as a result of this partnership!


This sounds like a great partnership that will be beyond impactful in the community! I’m excited to see how well this partnership between AUTM and WFS turns out


The partnership between AUTM and WFS sounds like a great step towards being able to help more members of the Austin community. Focusing not only on aiding individuals but fostering a healthier tech ecosystem is an excellent approach. I look forward to seeing the work they accomplish in the future!

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