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Austin Urban Technology Movement and Kilroy Blockchain Announce Casey Health

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Casey Health is a Strategic Alliance to Fight COVID-19. Open for public or private sector engagements in contact tracing and vaccine outreach, employing primarily Black and Hispanic individuals to provide effective community-focused outreach, enabling communities to better combat COVID-19 through streamlined and consistent outreach, data gathering, follow-up, escalation audit, and risk management procedures.

AUSTIN, TX – August 5, 2021: Kilroy Blockchain and Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM) have announced Casey Health, a strategic alliance between the two organizations that provides training and job placement for underserved candidates, and places them in health tech outreach positions related to COVID-19, using Kilroy Blockchain's Casey outbreak management system.

About Casey Health

In this alliance, AUTM recruits, trains and supplies candidates, and Kilroy Blockchain provides the software, Casey. With the synergy between the two organizations, contact tracing and vaccine outreach, including testing or vaccine follow-ups, can be provided to organizations as a turnkey solution - leaving their own staff free to do their normal work, and far safer than without Casey Health.

According to Michael Ward Jr., AUTM's President and CEO, “We are battling two issues, a pandemic that is disproportionally impacting the Black and Hispanic communities and a lack of exposure of technical jobs inside the healthcare industry. Through our partnership with Kilroy Blockchain, we are able to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and provide sustainable jobs for underserved communities.”

Karen Kilroy, Kilroy Blockchain's CEO stated, "I am extremely excited and grateful for our alliance with AUTM in Casey Health. By mobilizing community members to address the problem at hand - controlling coronavirus - and using the best tool set available - Casey, we plan to make a dent in the problems facing us: a suffering economy, waves of panic, and an unmanageable rate of reproduction."

About AUTM

AUTM bridges the gap between the Black and Hispanic communities and the technology industry through job placement, career development, and networking opportunities. More about AUTM:

About Kilroy Blockchain

Kilroy Blockchain is a team of dreamers, makers and doers using technology to create products driven by one purpose – to leave the world better than we found it. Kilroy Blockchain is a diverse team, and is led by co-founders Karen Kilroy (Chief Executive Officer -, Deepak Bhatta (Chief Technology Officer -, and Lynn Riley (Chief Information Officer -

Kilroy Blockchain products include:

Casey, the tamper-evident contagious outbreak management system used in the Casey Health alliance, is Kilroy Blockchain's latest invention that is focused on helping people. Casey is developed specifically for the purpose of helping professionals who help people to avoid or recover from COVID-19. Casey is designed for remote workers, and includes a built-in telephone system.

More about Casey:

Riley (RealLife Adventure) is an award-winning artificial intelligence and blockchain application allowing people who are blind and visually impaired to better perceive their surroundings in the real world. Riley can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store, and is available for custom purposes upon request.

More about Riley:

Carnak can help robots and automated vehicles to "see" by capturing the workflow of roadway and utility engineers. Carnak is a custom-tailored workflow system; contact us for information on how to get started.

More about Carnak:

More about Kilroy Blockchain:

Both Kilroy Blockchain and AUTM are based in Austin, Texas.

Media Contact at Kilroy Blockchain:

Karen Kilroy



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