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AUTMHQ are valuable networking experiences.

AUTMHQ UPDATES Hola & Hello, Paty!

As we enter the month of May, we realize how quickly time is passing and how much we have accomplished! In terms of events, we have already held around eight in four months, including ReThink Austin 2022, which was a one-day occurrence. We are soon presenting Day in the Life, Horizons, and AUTM Talks by AUTMHQ, as well as other seasonal events. Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) hosts numerous events throughout the year to promote networking. In a world where virtual interactions are so meaningful, hybrid events are reaching out to a global community that will benefit from meeting contacts in the same field and sharing common interests. Networking has a significant impact on the tech industry these days because it demonstrates how important technology has become in our daily lives for communicating and interacting with one another. In addition, we have guests who are experts in their fields and therefore provide us with information about how the industry is doing these days. This encourages all of our attendees to continue their education and stay current on these topics, as the tech world offers a plethora of opportunities. Remember that AUTMHQ events are extremely valuable because our attendees learn a lot from our panelists and speakers; thus, you must stay up to date to be a part of these fun and exciting celebrations of knowledge! Paty Sesma Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AUTMHQ


Day in the Life by AUTMHQ is happening on May 10th!

Join us to meet Felipe Sanches, a Sr. Business and Data Analyst at ZeroCater who will discuss how this company uses data to innovate how employees eat. We will learn what makes Felipe's job so amazing and how his work influences ZeroCater. About Day in the Life by AUTMHQ The purpose of Day In The Life is to engage in a transparent discussion with employees about the various occupations in the tech industry.

Each guest will walk us through a typical day on the job and give us the inside scoop of what it's like to “work” in their shoes.

This is the time to ask all the questions you could not answer by reading the job description!


Horizons AUTMHQ is presenting Stenio Ferreira from Google!

Our guest speaker will discuss his current role as a Customer Engineer at Google as well as his career path in technology.

Join us to meet Stenio Ferreira and discuss his role. He is currently working with the two leading Big Tech hardware manufacturers in the United States to locate the sweet spot between Edge/On-Premise and Cloud. About Horizons by AUTMHQ Horizons by AUTMHQ events are designed to highlight numerous pathways into the tech industry. Prepare to participate in the conversation by engaging in it, interacting with it, and contributing to it.

Our guests are experts in their respective fields. During this time, they will discuss what it means to be successful in their career by exploring their experiences in their journey in the tech industry. These stories are relatable and provide a way to help you match your interest to the myriad of opportunities in the tech industry.

Please reserve your spot as soon as possible if you wish to learn more!


Project Connect Anti-Displacement Initiative

On April 11, the City of Austin announced $20 million is available for Community Initiated Solutions to address transit-induced displacement related to Project Connect. Nonprofit organizations and partnerships are invited to propose programs that support residents and neighborhoods by avoiding evictions and foreclosures, supporting the expansion of homeownership, and creating asset-building opportunities that improve people's economic mobility. An important piece of this process is a community review panel. Community members who are interested in evaluating funding proposals are invited to apply to participate in the evaluation panel. ⭢ Application (English): ⭢ Application (Spanish):ónComunitaria


Next-generation STEM programming

The future of STEM starts here! At The University of Texas at Austin, we help nurture the next generation of STEM leaders with quality educational opportunities for children and adolescents, from preschool through high school. Our faculty, staff, and students provide a wide range of high-quality STEM opportunities—including camps, classes, programs, tutoring, mentoring, professional development, curriculum, conferences, and more.

STEM Starts is a comprehensive collection of these opportunities, connecting families and educators with quality resources, fostering collaboration between program providers, and empowering youth for future success.


Our kids need tech skills; our teachers need the right tools!

Gaining tech skills will prove extremely efficient for the future of the children.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of children entering primary school today will end up working in jobs that have yet to be created. How can we prepare our students for a future we can hardly imagine ourselves?

Our teachers and administrators face unprecedented challenges in the coming years. And no crystal balls are commercially available to help us make all of the right predictions for charting a path forward. The popular estimate cited above demonstrates the urgency of developing a modern curriculum that meets the demands of a quickly evolving digital world while making sure teaching staff are equipped with first-rate tools to prepare our students for unprecedented change.


Will Tennessee become the next tech hub for Web3 entrepreneurs?

When you think about Tennessee, you’re more likely to be thinking country music, barbecue, and bourbon than crypto, blockchain, and Web3. The state legislature has plans to change that. Tennessee just passed a bill that could help it become a leader in states providing a home to entrepreneurs who want to set up a unique kind of company that uses the blockchain to automate its decision-making. It’s called a DAO.

More of that in a moment. First, a few definitions.


Hispanic caucus pushes YouTube chief for data on misinformation in Spanish For months, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have fumed that YouTube and other social networks haven’t forked over enough data about Spanish misinformation on their sites, including how many moderators review such content and how effective they have been.


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