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🎟 12 Days of AUTMHQ tickets are available!

Let's do the Holiday Season the AUTMHQ way!


Hola and Hello!

We are beyond excited to start celebrating the holiday season in true Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) style! We are excited to announce that FREE tickets for our annual 12 Days of AUTMHQ event are now available. You can RSVP by clicking on the images below.

12 Days of AUTMHQ is an opportunity to gather with our community, with our AUTMites, volunteers, partners, and staff, and not only learn about the accomplishments and goals we have reached and plan to achieve, but also to share fantastic moments and have a lot of fun during the holiday season! You can check out past 12 Days of AUTMHQ editions here, and start making plans to attend these incredible events to network and have an uplifting Christmas kick-off! 🎄✨ See ya there!

Paty Sesma VP of MarCom at AUTMHQ

AUTMHQ Talks Kick Off with Staff

We're kicking off our 12 Days of AUTMHQ celebration with an AUTMHQ Talk with our staff. They will tell us about the most exciting aspects of their jobs, the most significant victory this year, and their goals for AUTMHQ in 2023. Let’s have fun!

AUTMHQ Talks with Volunteers and AUTMites

Whether you are new to technology or a seasoned veteran, you can help shape this industry. Join the AUTMHQ community to hear the stories of our volunteers and AUTMites. This is such an inspirational discussion!

AUTMHQ Gameshow

AUTMHQ Newsletter subscribers, take note! Are you current on AUTMHQ news and technology trends in Texas and around the world? You can put your industry knowledge to the test while also enjoying the holiday season with our community at our upcoming AUTMHQ gameshow.

AUTMHQ Learn App Demo Day

Come see how the AUTMHQ Learn app has been updated! The AUTMHQ Learn app, which was created to introduce our community to the tech industry, and it's available on your mobile phone! For a full experience, download the AUTMHQ Learn App here 👉

Technology Showcase by AUTMHQ

Do you have an interest in drones, 3D printing, robotics, and other technological gadgets and innovations? Would you like to put some of this to the test and explore it in person? Come participate in this exciting Christmas technology showcase with AUTMHQ and AAYHF!

24 Hour Walk, Run & Roll with AUTMHQ for Digital Equity

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Show your support for technology adoption, access, and affordability by tagging @autmhq on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn with a photo or video of yourself walking, running, hiking, or exercising.

AUTMHQ Talks with Partners

Increasing diversity in the technology industry requires collaboration and commitment. Join us as we hear many stories about how AUTMHQ partners are reshaping the tech industry and paving the way for the Global Majority.

Day in the Life by AUTMHQ with NI

Michael Fanner is a Principal Test Engineer at NI. He earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from UTSA in 2004 and has spent most of his career working on the software side and writing applications for hardware. Join us on Tuesday, December 10, 2022 at 6:00 PM CDT!

AUTMite Day

AUTMite Day is a day to celebrate our AUTMites' achievements! During this time, we will recognize our AUTMite graduates, provide additional resources, and announce new opportunities for engagement. Keep an eye out for more information about the virtual and in-person activities we have planned for you!

Merry, Merry Happy Hour

Join AAULYP, AUTMHQ, Encore, NBMBA, NSBE, and YBA as we continue to discuss a strategy that addresses the social, political, and economic needs of Greater Austin residents and newcomers. Be a part of the conversation and let's have a merry, merry time together!

Device Distribution by AUTMHQ

AUTMHQ is removing barriers that prevent our communities from entering and succeeding in the technology industry. If you need internet access, a laptop, or training and development, please come to 6633 East Hwy 290, Ste. 212, 78723 and we'll help you! No RSVP is required.

👉See you there

AUTMHQ’s Hybrid Community Holiday Party

Let's have some fun! Our guests and attendees will be able to speak on stage, table the event, drink, eat, and network. We'll have board games, music, and a lot of fun! Let us celebrate the Christmas spirit by bringing people together.


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