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$63.62 - $74.88 per hour

$63.62 to $74.88 per hour

Senior Software Engineer at NI Systems R&D. Develop software, collaborate, and solve engineering problems. Full-time. Competitive salary. Apply now!

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  • Design, implement, and test software features and capabilities.

  • Design and develop tools and infrastructure to improve development efficiency.

  • Test, benchmark, and document customer-facing reference architectures.

  • Work in an Agile team environment to prioritize work items and leverage resources to deliver features in a release on-time.

  • Report into daily agile standup meeting.

  • Follow and refine coding guidelines and provide effective code reviews.

  • Evaluate feature testing strategies and contribute to writing effective test plans.

Success Metrics: 

  • Ability to independently identify and solve application-specific system engineering problems. 

  • A desire to learn about software architecture & design principles. Persistently drives tasks and lead projects to successful completion. 

  • Implement moderate features to a high level of quality. 

  • Effectively interact and communicate with engineering teams and management. 

  • Strong problem-solving skills, work ethic, and drive to succeed.

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