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Austin, TX, USA

$123,800 - $253,000 / year

This job at Built In Austin seeks a Machine Learning Engineer to develop and implement machine learning models. The role involves analyzing data, building algorithms, and collaborating with teams to optimize performance and deliver valuable insights.

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At Dropbox, our pursuit of excellence in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fuels our mission to empower users worldwide. We've cultivated a culture rooted in meticulous attention to detail, unwavering commitment to reliability, and a drive to innovate at scale As a Machine Leaning Engineer, you will be involved in shaping the future direction of the organization and pushing the boundaries on what the world thinks is possible by leveraging the latest advancements in AI/ML. You will join a team of top-tier Machine Learning Engineers and be an inherent part of the product org to create and build delightful new experiences. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, you'll leverage your ML expertise to tackle audacious challenges. Your contributions will directly impact millions of users, as every line of code you write furthers our mission to revolutionize the way people work and collaborate. Our Engineering Career Framework is viewable by anyone outside the company and describes what�s expected for our engineers at each of our career levels. Check out our blog post on this topic and more here. Responsibilities � Design, build, evaluate, deploy and iterate on large scale Machine Learning systems � Understand the Machine Learning stack at Dropbox, and build systems that help Dropbox personalize their users� experience � Work with Product, Design, Infra and Frontend teams to bring your models, and features to life � Work with large scale data systems, and infrastructure � Evaluate the performance of machine learning systems against business objectives, and productionize those models
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