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Austin, TX


IBM is hiring an entry-level System Services Representative (SSR) in Austin, TX, responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing IBM and multi-vendor systems and components. This role involves serving as the primary technical contact for clients, advising on maintenance, configuration, and operational best practices, with a focus on ensuring high client satisfaction.

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IBM seeks to hire an entry-level hardware computer technician; System Services Representative (SSR) for the AUSTIN, TX area. This role is an entry level position for an individual contributor responsible for on-site installation, maintenance, and repair of IBM and multi-vendor systems and components, including hardware, networking products, software, and operating systems. They are the primary technical interface to clients for the coordination of hardware and/or software support and delivery of operational services as required by the client. They advise clients of preventive maintenance, configuration, operation and environmental factors which may impact product performance or impair the client's IT operation. They may also perform services activities such as systems assurance, systems-level problem determination, discontinuance and relocation of IBM and non-IBM systems and products. They are accountable to ensure a high level of client satisfaction with service delivery, technical support, and operational services for the client account(s). When critical situations occur, they are the IBM technical interface to clients and manage the situation until the problem is fixed. Can work in both consumer homes or enterprise environments in the AUSTIN, TX area.
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