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Applied Materials



Austin, TX

$44 to $61 per hour

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Key Responsibilities

  • Develops and applies quality standards in accordance with company and customer requirements. Develops and conducts related tests.

  • Designs and implements methods and procedures for inspecting, testing, and evaluating the precision and accuracy of products and/ or production equipment.

  • Develops methods and parameters, project methodology and/ or project proposals.

  • Develops and uses procedures.  Prepares documentation for inspection/ testing procedures. Recommends corrective action for procedural, product, or process deficiencies.

  • Analyze operational data; Develop and implement recommendations.  Participates in and may lead audits.

  • Evaluates work methods, procedures and policies. Tracks progress of qualification status, reviews reliability test results, determines disposition of non-compliant products, reviews and releases qualification packs

  • Utilizes drawings, specifications, industry standards, and sketches, adapting inspection measuring devices and procedures when necessary. Read and interpret technical drawings and specification requirements.

  • Reduces qualification cycle time and cost while still meeting quality performance requirements.

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