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City of Austin



Austin, TX

$20.00 to $22.00 per hour

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ssential duties and functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned.

  • Picks up stolen property and handle loss and found items.

  • Operates, repairs, and maintains equipment/reports maintenance problems.

  • Provides delivery/courier services

  • Conducts safety inspection of ,facilities, i.e., fire extinguishers, life/safety equipment, etc.

  • Performs situation assessments and investigate work incidents

  • Identifies, assists, and gives clearance to entering patrons

  • Provides security and assistance to the public and various law enforcement agencies

  • Issues parking citations

  • Administers first aid

  • Provides training

  • Conducts security patrols at locations, parking lots/garages, and surrounding areas for unsafe conditions and reports them as necessary.

  • Responds to fire alarms, security alarms, and accidents to contacts appropriate emergency personnel.

  • Investigates disturbances and in the event of an emergency, maintains order and safety of occupants.

  • Provides customer service and acts as a source of information and assistance to inform the public of information regarding Library services, programming, policy and regulations.

  • Anticipates, de-escalates, and solves problems and/or provides reports to appropriate agency.

  • Monitors welfare of security personnel working after-hours, overnight, and at remote assignments.

  • Provides direction and training to security personnel, contract employees, and other City departments regarding Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and other training areas.

  • Issues and enforces Criminal Trespass Notices for violations and determines if police assistance is needed.

  • Completes and maintains incident reports and other routine documentation.

  • Directs traffic and provides crowd control and security services for after-hours events held by internal and external customers.

  • Transports and safeguards cash pick up and drop offs at all locations.

Responsibilities- Supervision and/or Leadership Exercised:

  • None.

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