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City of Austin



Austin, TX

$36.95 to $47.12 per hour

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Essential duties and functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned.

  • Manages the design, development, and implementation of projects to include, but not limited to, gathering and defining the project requirements; obtains staffing requirements; and forms projected teams.

  • Manages the selection process and administers consultant services, including negotiating contract terms and fees by negotiating the contract, approving the consultant?s product, approving payment to consultant, initiating poor performance remedies, etc.

  • Develops short- and long-range plans for future to ongoing projects, including estimating timelines for start-up and completion of projects.

  • Manages, monitors, and reviews contracts and contractors to ensure compliance with contractual obligations, including administering change orders and estimates.

  • Coordinates and prepares reports and correspondence in response to requests for information from City Manager?s Office, Mayor, and City Council Offices; prepares City Council agenda material such as ordinance memorandums and presentations.

  • Prepares and delivers presentations to the City Manager, management team, and department directors.

  • Suggests and implements management solutions to address new or ongoing challenges faced by the City organization.

  • Manages the performance of professional staff in work involving organizational structure review and operations research and related work reviewing departments, divisions, and programs.

  • Assists in planning, directing, and coordinating, through subordinate level staff, the department work plan; meets with management staff to identify and resolve problems; assigns projects and programmatic areas of responsibility; and reviews and evaluates work methods and procedures.

  • Provides technical advice and assistance to City management, field personnel, contractors, etc.

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