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Austin, TX


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Duties, Functions and Responsibilities Essential duties and functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned. Climbs utility poles and structures (steel/wood/fiberglass/concrete), uses approved hand and powered tools, and drives various electric utility vehicles to assist with trouble call response, construction, and maintenance of Austin Energy’s (AE’s) electrical transmission, network, or distribution system. Responds to on-call, emergency call back, and after hour outages due to weather related events or system disturbances. Determines work requirements for jobs based on reviewing job packets, which include: blueprints (plan and profile views), material list, workorder, and job summary. Works on and around high voltage energized lines and equipment, and performs troubleshooting of electrical systems using various test equipment (i.e. Multi-Range Voltage Detector [MRVD], phasing sticks, rotation meters, Digital Multi-Meters [DMM], and clamp-on amp meters). Performs pulling, installing, repairing, or moving high voltage wires, cable, and other material on AE’s electrical distribution, network, or transmission system. Performs installation, framing, construction, and maintenance of structures, hardware, and equipment on AE’s overhead and underground electrical distribution system, network distribution system, and/or transmission system, according to AE’s standards and work practices. Performs set up and operation of electric utility aerial equipment (i.e. cranes, boom trucks, digger derricks, bucket trucks, etc.) and other equipment (i.e. wire tensioner/puller, cable reel truck, cable trailer, wire trailer, skid-steer loader, bulldozer, backhoe, and forklift). Operates high-voltage transmission, substation, and/or distribution switching devices and equipment, using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Personal Protective Devices (PPD), to de-energize and isolate circuits. Attends refresher, cyclical, and annual training to keep up with new technology and rescue techniques. (Distribution only) Installs and connects single-phase and three-phase electrical services to AE’s residential and commercial customers, and installs and connects overhead and underground transformers, switches, cutouts, etc. (Distribution only) Performs cutting, splicing, terminating, and taping of Underground Residential Distribution (URD) and power cable on AE’s electrical system. (Network only) Locates faults on AE’s underground network and substation getaways, and installs and connects network transformers and protectors. (Network only) Performs cutting, splicing, terminating, and taping of Underground Residential Distribution (URD) and power cable on AE’s electrical system, and builds power cable risers for substation feeder exits. (Network only) Installs and services: network vaults and vault equipment, electrical service to downtown residential and commercial customers, and small cell and streetlight equipment. (Transmission only) Plans various types of transmission installations and maintenance projects (i.e. structure change outs, pulling in or changing conductors, and pulling in or changing fiber optic cable). (Transmission only) Constructs and maintains transmission equipment and structures with circuit voltages of 69kV, 138kV, and 345kV. Responsibilities – Supervisor and/or Leadership Exercised: May provide leadership, work assignments, evaluation, training, and guidance to others.
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