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Harlem Labs

Business Operations


Austin, TX


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Interns will understand the process of planning + executing content for lead generation & general marketing purposes on behalf of a business consulting firm. During this time the intern will gain a strong understanding of how to plan, create and deploy material across social channels.


(Ex: Skill building task, interactive/engaging projects)

  1. Reviewing generated copy and restructuring material for public consumption.

  2. Developing content on behalf of the brand including whitepapers, blogs and infographic material

  3. Supporting the creation of material that will drive inbound marketing and sales

  4. Creating series of content that communicate the viewpoint of the brand to clients and public

  5. Capturing, reviewing, and organizing all developed material into shareable/archivable processes

The above tasks are well suited for students seeking to grow their writing and editing skills. The opportunity will enable aspirants to generate content for a consulting firm that services business owners. This material will be primarily related to marketing and sales.

Content will include:

  • Web Copy

  • Emails

  • Blogs

  • SEO Descriptions

  • Performance Reports and

  • White Papers


Detail oriented and analytical writing skills are required. Strong organizational skills are preferred.

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