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City of Austin



Austin, TX

$30.29 to $37.86 per hour

Facilitate community engagement with city departments, develop strategies, research best practices, maintain databases, moderate online discussions, and support public dialogues.

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Duties, Functions and Responsibilities: - Essential duties and functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned. - Assists with the planning, development, and implementation of strategies and programs to help facilitate community involvement with City departments, programs and initiatives. - Researches and helps develop and implement City policies, procedures, and protocol designed to engage community input on various City programs and initiatives. - Researches best practices in community engagement nationally and globally and briefs staff on these best practices. - Maintains a database of community organizations, publications/media outlets, and large events (festivals, sporting events, etc.) to assist with outreach opportunities. - Maintains an email and phone database of participants in engagement events to inform of past and future opportunities to engage. - Monitors digital engagement on, social media, phone messages, text messages, etc., and moderates online discussions as needed. - Helps conduct neighborhood need assessments, meets with neighborhood residents, leaders, and community groups to identify needs and available resources. - Assists with the facilitation of public dialogues and consensus building to identify and resolve issues between the City and various community stakeholders; assistance may include securing venues, arranging for language interpreters, greeting attendees, and note-taking. May also facilitate such dialogues. - Assesses various community concerns, values, and opinions on City projects, programs, and initiatives, and presents findings to City staff. - Keeps accurate records of comments made by public in meetings and other settings (online forum, etc.), analyzes, and summarizes key themes and findings. - Consults with City staff to develop and implement public information training materials, bulletins, and presentations. - Assists with maintaining effective relationships with community leaders, City Officials, the media, and the general public. - Helps track community issues through various media such as written reports, conferences and community meetings. - Plans forums, walking tours, conferences and other community events and meetings with City staff. - Conducts community research and responses to technical documents issued by City departments, developers and other jurisdictions. - May represent the City at Council meetings, boards and commissions, and community events as needed. - Responsibilities – Supervisor and/or Leadership Exercised: May train and lead others as well as oversee the work of student interns or temporary employees. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: - Must possess required knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed. - Knowledge of community organizing and neighborhood development techniques. - Knowledge of city practices, policies, and procedures. - Skill in planning, organizing, and time management. - Skill in data analysis, problem solving, and summary of key findings and conclusions. - Skill in using computers and related software. - Skill in handling multiple tasks and prioritizing. - Skill in oral and written communication. - Skill in interpersonal communication. - Ability to review and research large volume of materials and summarize in easily comprehensible formats for City staff. - Ability to develop new initiatives and work with service providers to plan and coordinate services. - Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with other city employees and the public. - Ability to work with community representatives to identify and address local needs. - Ability to use conflict resolution and negotiation. - Ability to work with frequent interruptions and changes in priorities. - Ability to work well with individuals from a variety of different backgrounds and experience, including community leaders, residents, service providers, local officials and elected representatives.

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