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$222,700 - $301,300 / year

Dropbox is hiring a Staff Product Manager for their desktop experience, focusing on enhancing user interactions and improving functionality. The role requires leadership in product strategy and collaboration with cross-functional teams to drive innovation and deliver impactful solutions.

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Desktop is a critical investment area for Dropbox�s long-term growth. It is the platform with the highest, most frequent engagement and it is a critical lever for activation and conversion. The Desktop Experience area is responsible for users� end-to-end experience on desktop. This team serves millions of users and is focused on ensuring that users are able to access their most critical content. You�ll be responsible for balancing technical, OS, and Dropbox constraints to build simple and intuitive user experiences. You�ll ensure that friction is removed from all desktop experiences - it really is the magic of Dropbox. As a Staff Product Manager on Desktop Experience, you�ll be responsible for leading Dropbox�s business outcomes by delivering high value to our largest, most engaged user base. Success in this role will create both better business outcomes and better customer outcomes. This work will be extremely results- and metrics-oriented, will have high levels of visibility, and strong collaboration with our Platform team. � Define and evangelize company-level product vision, strategy and roadmaps that will transform how our customers use our Desktop product on the day to day. � Lead and guide product direction for a cross-functional team of engineering, design, analytics, marketers, sales, and platform partners. � Engage and cultivate relationships with partners across Dropbox to influence shared cross-team directions and manage risks or trade-offs. Communicate clearly and crisply with leadership stakeholders and drive alignment across multiple teams and organizations through formal operational processes and in scrappy ways. � Become an expert in the Dropbox Desktop customer. You will identify customer needs and business opportunities through a combination of user research, collecting feedback from cross-functional teammates, diving into data, and competitive analysis. � You�ll own complex features and experiments end-to-end, including defining product specs, driving cross-company execution, making thoughtful product decisions along the way, and sharing insights and results throughout the company. � Become an expert on Dropbox�s growth engine - understanding how to improve key funnels and flywheels.
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