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Full-time and Part-time

9706 Bilbrook Pl


Join VIOC as an entry-level lube technician to deliver top-tier customer service and perform essential vehicle maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and battery checks. Enjoy comprehensive training, work collaboratively in a diverse team, and contribute to creating a welcoming workplace for all backgrounds and experiences.

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As an entry-level lube technician (aka auto technician), you will help keep our guests safe on the road by providing top-tier customer service while performing preventative maintenance services for their vehicles. Through our award-winning training program, you will learn to change oil, check and refill fluids, rotate tires, test and replace batteries, inspect and replace lights and wipers, perform an 18-point safety check, and more. You�ll work as a team to provide fast, easy, trusted services to our guests, and have fun doing it!
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