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All our funding goes towards increasing diversity in tech, while eliminating the skills gap and removing the barriers that make it difficult for our community to enter and thrive in the tech industry.

What your donation supports

  • $50 covers transportation for an AUTMite.

  • $75 covers a resume and mock interview review session.

  • $150 covers a mentorship group session.

  • $500 covers 25% of our service building (office).

  • $750 covers quality broadband and Wi-Fi service for one year, plus a mobile hotspot.

  • $1,200 covers job placement assistance for one month.

  • $1,500 covers digital equity assistance such as devices, customer support, basic computer skills, and digital literacy training.

  • $2,000 covers events and programs for a year.

  • $7,000 covers tech tuition for one year

Become a Donor Today and Join the AUTMHQ Movement!

Help us reshape the tech industry and be part of the solution as we build the workforce development ecosystem and increase diversity in tech.

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