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Meet the Autmites

These are the individuals who are changing their lives and the lives of partners, organizations, corporations, and the AUTMHQ team by contributing with their talents and skills to a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.


I don't know if I would have found my way to the tech space if it wasn't for AUTMHQ. This program allowed me to take my curiosity about UX design and turn it into a potential career. I'm genuinely loving it! My mind is blown, in all the best ways, after building my first prototype and watching my designs come to life and be backed by research/concrete processes. Extremely grateful for this program and excited to see where this takes me in the tech space. 

- KEZIAH, Autmite

THANK YOU AUTMHQ! You've been essential in my tech journey and have allowed me to grow and learn about myself in more ways that I could've imagined. I've been curious about the tech field ever since graduating undergrad and you've allowed me to explore and prepare for this transition in a very easy and accessible manner. I would not have been able to learn about project management and UI/UX design without your financial and emotional support. I highly suggest AUTMHQ for folks that are interested in the tech sector, this community will make sure to provide you with your needs and help you with alleviating your fears. As a full-time working professional, AUTMHQ has made it simple and easy to sign up for their services, receive feedback on areas of improvement and become inspired by the community. It has been an honor to be an AUTMITE and I highly recommend joining if you're seeking a strong support system during this transitional period!


I am extraordinarily grateful for the role that AUTMHQ has played in my life. I first heard about AUTM about 4 years ago at an even in East Austin. Since then, I graduated college and got a tech job in San Francisco. I later left that job and started my own business. Things were going well enough, but found myself in an abusive relationship, and had to suddenly leave my life in California behind (with most of my stuff and my network). I took what I could, and moved back to Texas to start over. I was working a poverty -wage job at a hotel while I reoriented, and I remembered AUTM. I took their project management class, and now I am actually working at AUTMHQ. I am thankful for the chance to start over. I love that AUTM covered the cost of my class, and I am eternally thankful to the stipend as well. AUTMHQ pays you to take the classes! There is literally no risk. They know the kinds of barriers that Black and Latinx people face to getting better jobs and education, and they really are here to help. If you are even kind of thinking about it, reach out and see what happens. It's not a scam. No hidden fees or catch. Just Black and Latino people fighting the good fight. 

- KEIARRA, Autmite

AUTMHQ has been a wonderful blessing to me!  I needed a career pathway along with a training opportunity. AUTMHQ has been amazing and beyond my expectations by providing tools, resources, mentorship and support.  There is nothing like it out there! I honestly feel I will be prepared and successful in the field. With little experience in the field, I also feel I am building a foundation as I continue to grow to the next level and develop in other IT areas such as Cybersecurity. 

- ANTHONY, Autmite

I’d like to reach-out, and thank everyone at AUTMHQ for the opportunity. I honestly feared having to return back to University, another four years, to receive my Bachelors for IT. NAY! They have paved a way. And it’s much more than course work. It’s also a community outreach. I will definitely be reaching out to the community to gently push them to learn more about this organization 

- JOHN, Autmite

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